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Online Stores/Direct Buy Sites/Import Shops

1. AmiAmi -
This site seems to always have the best price on importing stuff, and they've recently began to cover video game merchandise. The often have sales and discounts on shipping as well!

2. National Console Support -
This is your best bet for the new stuff coming out, and they often sell complete sets when they can. They also have a Pre-Order Shop for the really new stuff! Their blog is another great resource for what's coming.

3. Play-asia -
Another highly professional site that peddles all aspects of gaming, including a toys section chock full of new and rare stuff. Buy the game and all the merchandise for it in this one-stop gamer's shop! This store does do random distribution of sets though, so it can be difficult to get a complete set, especially when items are blind-packaged.

4. Avane Shop -
A good little site for finding lots of older products. They have game toys from the 80s, 90s, and more recent, and stuff from the USA and Japan.

5. -
Used to have a lot of fake stuff, but I can add them here because they have cleaned up their act. Decent prices, and they keep up with the latest stuff pretty well.

6. Animemate -
Great site from a great seller. Lots of rare stuff all the time, and updated often. Several of my rarest plushes came from this site, as that's the speciality. The site also has several other items besides the plushes they are known for. You can even put a request in for the rarest stuff!

7. Gacha World - A UK shop that specializes in gashapon and other items found in the UK. Good prices, they sell sets together, and they have a good selection of the newest stuff. Folks not in the UK should check their ebay store for deals and shipping to their country.

8. YesAnimation -
A new site that stocks a lot of VGM at great prices. You can often find out of print stuff here for surprisingly low prices!

9. Hobby Link Japan -
Direct order from Japan, so shipping is steep and prices are in yen. They do offer things that other sites can't offer or don't often find.

10. PowerAnime -
A new site that stocks all the new stuff at great prices. Full sets and individuals available. They actually have a lot of stuff that has long been out of stock at other sites.

11. Hobby Search Japan - A service much like AmiAmi above, but their prices are always a bit higher. There is a customer loyalty program though.

12. - Japan To You - A store trapped in time, where old, hard to find toys are priced like they came out yesterday.

13. -
While they do have adult items, they have a "PG" mode to their site, and they also sell video game toys at great prices. Mostly new stuff.

14. Mugen Toys -
A site that has really pumped up its game memorabilia recently. Decent prices too. Make sure to click multiple links to see all their merch, as it's organized a little weird.

15. ToyWiz -
I'm pleased to tell you about this site. They've really cleaned up their fake stuff and now offer GREAT prices on the newer game merch. They also have an impressive collection of non-game merch. You may still have to look out for some fakes though.

16. Big Bad Toy Store -
Has a good selection of new video game related toys with good prices.

17. -
Has an excellent selection of game music and merchandise at very good prices. Big on Animal Crossing stuff!

18. Entertainment Earth - This is more of a general toy and action figure store that happens to have game toys. Prices are average, but it's easy to buy cases and full sets, and pre-ordering is easy.

19. Strapya World. -
This site has some rare Nintendo stuff that other places don't carry. They're also very efficient.

20. Japan Video Games -
Not just for games. This site also has a lot of merch for sale at decent prices.

21. Hammergirl Anime - They work hard so they do not carry counterfeit merchandise, and have a nice selection of video game toys. You may be able to find some out of print stuff here for good prices as well.

22. Toylet - Unconventional name, but worth checking out for VG toys.

23. Angolz - Another import shop with good prices. Sometimes they sell gashapon individually, which can be helpful.

24. ThinkGeek - Great for certain items, but they aren't a game-specific shop. Geeks do like games though! They do hold a license for Portal merchandise though, so this is your first stop for all things Portal.

25. - A great plush store free of fakes.

26. Urban Collector - Here you can purchase full boxes of items, and some individual items.

27. Otacute - More of an anime shop than anything, but it does house some video game stuff at good prices.

You can also go straight to the source and go to developer or manufacturer sites:

Toy manufacturers with stores:
Sideshow Collectibles
First 4 Figures
Mezco Toys

Game Developers that have stores:
Irrational Games

VGMM Forums -
Our forums also offer a Buy/Sell/Trade section where members can make transactions with each other.

BUYER BEWARE SITES:Sites that still sell hard-to-find stuff, but have issues . . .

Gkworld -
Many facets of gaming merchandise at fair prices, but recently their customer service has been very shaky, and I've seen some shady merch trickle into the store. They're known for selling unofficial stuff, but counterfeits have been spotted. Also, their pre-orders are known to never ship or have problems!

Toys N Joys -
A little company out of Hawaii that sells both new and rare items. They've tapped into some counterfeit stuff recently, though, so be VERY weary. I've also had problems with incorrect orders and lack of communication and other weird and questionable business practices . . .

CMD Store -
A store that has developed quite a bit over the years, housing new and very old figures and toys at sometimes outrageous prices. Counterfeit items are becoming a problem here though. - This site may be more full of sellers selling fakes than ebay! It can be a great resource for stuff, but just be wary of what you are buying . . . and paying!
  Amazon Japan has less fakes and can be advantageous for importing (though it is expensive), but buyers should also be cautious.