San-ei breaks open the dam and sets forth a Mario plush flood

Hold onto your wallets! San-ei Boeki has just released 31 different plushes with several different types to attack your bank account. Let's run through them.

Regular plushes:
Banzai Bill (larger) (¥2,750)
¥1,410 each:
Monty Mole
Buzzy Beetle
Mecha Koopa
¥1,960 each:
Mario (8 inch)
Yoshi (8 inch)
¥1570 each:
Larry Koopa
Morton Jr. Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Roy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Ludwig von Koopa

Strap plushes (¥940 each):
Shy Guy
Bullet Bill

Zip bag plushes (¥940 each):
Chain Chomp

Holder plushes (¥1,960 each):
Mario with Pipe
Luigi with Coin Block
DK with Barrel

Luigi's Mansion:
Luigi (¥1,570)
Scared Luigi (¥1,570)
Polterpup (¥940)

All found at AmiAmi who has discounts on each one for pre-order. These will be released in early December. Merry Christmas Mario plush fans! Hit the break for bigger pics of each.

Kirby Anniversary Items

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Natsume releasing more Ember plushes for Hometown Story release

Natsume's twitter feed showed off these multi-colored Ember plushes. No word yet on how to attain the set, but this post will be updated when info is released.

via GoNintendo

Sonic Lost World gets a DX version with tote and mug

Sonic Lost World is coming soon, and SEGA is releasing DX versions in Japan. Mugs and totes go with it. The mugs are hand-painted!

- 8,589 yen for the Wii U DX Pack
- 6,489 yen for the 3DS DX Pack

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Crappy DK show gets a DVD release

More power to you if you liked this CG-animated DK show from back in the day. Personally I felt the character design and voices were off, the addition of stupid extra characters was completely superfluous, and the animation was sub-par. Still, if you want to see what I'm talking about, get the DVD that is coming out. Only one short movie was released in the US, so this does show at least that more is being released. For better or for worse. The single-disc 90-minute movie will be around $10 and released on Oct. 1st.

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A Mario Soccer Ball because I DON'T KNOW

Muraoka made a Mario soccer ball. You know if you want to kick Bowser in his smug mug. Try to avoid kicking Toad, Yoshi, Luigi, or Mario though. Listed on Amazon for ¥630. Comes out very soon: late this month.

Amazon Japan

Paper Mario Sticker Star gets the puffiest sticker heroes I have ever seen

How do you market a game that is completely 2D? Clips? Towels? Papercraft? I'd go with . . . stickers. Maybe even puffy stickers. Well, Nintendo went puffy, but went puffy plush. Giant puffy plush! So far I have only seen three: Mario, Bowser, and a Red Koopa Paratroopa. Click 'Read More' to see Bowser, the Red Koopa Paratroopa, and a tag for the set. Seen on YJA, and the average is around $15 each.

Red Koopa Paratroopa

Pikmin fans swarm Nintendo World Store for launch event

Nintendo World Store hosted a Pikmin 3 pre-launch event on August 3rd with some fun activities and a few giveaways. Upon entering the store, I was greeted by a giant Pikmin statue (picture after the break) and the staff had a camera set up for photo-ops. Fans who purchased the game received Pikmin 3 patches along with an exclusive (and awesome!) poster featuring Alph with a squad of Pikmin. After getting the game, I headed up stairs to play Bingo Battle, and the winner of each match received a Pikmin plush from the recent re-release from San-ei. One of my favorite things about these events is that they always change their display cases to whatever game is released, and their Pikmin displays were well done.
All in all, it was a fun and fan pleasing event; exactly what you'd expect from Nintendo World!
Click after the break for more pictures from the event!

Colored buster cannons project the Blue Bomber's many weapons

That, or Projector Man has surfaced for Mega Man 11.
Mega Man is celebrating his 25th Anniversary, and while Capcom may be clueless, the folks making the merchandise, like System Service, are well aware and flooding the market with great stuff.
Seven keychains focusing on Mega Man's weapons from across the series are colored accordingly to the Mega Man they project onto flat surfaces. Simply hit a little button and pew pew pew your way to mega projection.

1. Rock Buster / Mega Man
2. Quick Boomerang / Quick Man
3. Firestorm / Fireman
4. Spark shock / Spark Man
5. Search Snake / Snake Man
6. Dust Crusher / Dust man
7. Yamato Spear / Yamato Man

Yamato Man? Really? Shipping in late November.

via Rockman Corner

Capcom reveals gold Ducktales NES cartridge


Similar to Megaman 9's press kit, Capcom has released 150 gold colored carts to media sites all around the country. Unlike the Megaman 9 press kit, this is the full game and not just a CD with press assets.

Hopefully Capcom decides to release this on their online store. Until then, search eBay and save as I expect these to hardly ever change hands and will go into the 4 digit mark.


Sunburst Turret from Gaming Heads makes death a little sunnier

Gaming Heads loves variants. They're adding a variant of their Portal 2 turret that has a sunburst design painted on the shell. Charming.
$324.99 gets you the variant. It's limited to 350 pieces worldwide.
Let's just hope, for your wallet's sake, that Gaming Heads doesn't see all of NECA's variants. Heh.

New Rockman figure straps include the Famicom games

These figures have more info and a release date, thanks to NCSX. These strap figures will come in October this year and each will feature a color variant for Mega Man and the game cart in which the color appears. There is also a gold cart rare variant from Rockman 4 to commemorate the contest prize version of that game. Each figure is around an inch and a half tall and comes in one of two poses.

NCSX has the set up for $29.90.

You're going to have to sell a lot of loot for this Dragonborn statue variant

This Skyrim Dragonborn statue has the Dragon Priest Morokei Mask on. And it's $370 worth of high quality poly-stone. Standing 16 inches tall (1/6 scale), with a base with a dragon tail, this statue is limited to 250 worldwide. Also, real fabrics. For realism.
Pre-orders available at the Bethesda store.

via Kotaku

Luigi's Mansion gets ghostly light-up keychains

Ghostbusting Luigi fans will be totally spooked by these light-up gashapon keychain blocks from Bandai. They feature a green or red light and pictures of Luigi or the ghosts, and can be stacked together for a truly eerie display. A button lights them up.
NCSX has these listed at $20.90 for the set.

via NCSX blog

A Servbot plush hat . . . with arms

Fan of looking ridiculous? Fan of Mega Man? Then GE Entertainment has you covered completely with the Servbot hat. It has arms. Excessive. No price or release yet, but just look at it. You've already made your decision.

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Final Fantasy All The Bravest in Shining Armor

Several warriors from the Final Fantasy series' earlier years are getting immortalized as metal keychains in late September this year. The characters range from Final Fantasy I-VI, and is really more of a random assortment than a "All the Bravest" set. It's meant to be all of the character types in the series and not specific characters, (though it seems that Kain and Mog may have snuck in). If it was an all characters IV & VI set I would have pounced on it.
No word on how these are packaged, but I'm guessing the worst way: blindly. This means NCSX's pre-order asking price might be justified. Might.

Listed as follows in the pic:
Warrior, Knight, Magic Swordsman, Monk, Thief, White Mage, Guru, Black Mage, Majin, Mage, Summoner, Samurai, Ninja, Dragoon, Hunter, Berserker, Blue Mage, Red Mage, Viking, Feng fighters, Minstrel, Dancer, Onion Knight, Mog, Kappa, Pig, Chocobo.

via NCSX blog

Udon's Hardcover Mega Man 25th Anniversary will be available for pre-order

Udon presented a very limited hardcover art book for Mega Man's 25th Anniversary. They will offer pre-orders on the $99.99 book starting August 1st, 2013. They will also be offering some at PAX Prime. The softcover edition will be $59.99 and have a larger run and come out in late August or early September.
This edition is the revised edition of the MM20 art book with extra content and revised descriptions.

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Mega Man gets even blockier with Nanoblocks

Like Classic Mega Man? Prepare for him to get even blockier when e-Capcom's online store releases these Nanoblock versions of Rockman and Cutman this October. Both sets are ¥1,890 (~$19.25). No word yet if there will be a US release.

via the Mega Man Network

Nendoroid Wind Waker Link and Luigi Coming Soon


Not much is known, but these were revealed at Wonfest.

Thanks Lalam!

Slimy slippers

Dragon Quest. Slimes. Slippers. Math.

September 2013. Square Enix. Blue and Gray. $27 each at NCSX

Also, markers.