E3 2014 Swag Roundup

Yup, went to E3 this year. Third year. They had those giant over-sized bags available again, from three different developers, so it was tough to see the small stuff. This is a post about all of the swag I saw. Lots of shirts . . . again.

Auction Crawler: Brush with Battle

This is a very rare set of figures from Mega Man X3 featuring Bit and Byte. Sigma is also there. The seller has it for auction starting at a single yen. Less than a cent. Up for three days. Good luck!

Other auctions:
Three rare Super Mario Sunshine JR Promo pins on card - 350yen, 3 days.
Super Mario 10-in-1 table game set - 1000yen, 4 days.
SMB Movie metal Yoshi keychain - 1000yen, 6 days. Weird place to find it, but cheap and rare.
Big lot of Furuta kit figures - 3000yen, 2 days.
Mario-themed Famicom Disk System hard case - 2200yen, 2 days.

There is also a great vintage Zelda shirt and some very rare cel art in the Auctions of Interest forum for members.

Super Mario 3D World Item Chains get catty

Takara Tomy Arts took their sweet time coming out with the staple-for-each-Mario-game-release item chain set. This set has the Cat Goomba, Cat Banzai Bill, a Skipsqueak, Super Mushroom, 1-up Mushroom, Cat Bell, and the Double Cherry. The first two really need to be plushes, but I'll take mini figures.

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Mega Man Zero S.H. Figuarts gets some action shots

A little under $50 is what Bandai is asking for their new S.H. Figuarts Mega Man Zero figure, to be released in October. While they are saying it will be an online exclusive in Japan, Bass was also touted as this and came out in North America.

via Rockman Corner via Rockman Unity

Garrus joins the ranks of Gaming Heads

Garrus will be joining the Mass Effect line from Gaming Heads in Q1 of 2015.

Regular version, $330, 1000 pieces worldwide.
Exclusive version, $350, 500 pieces worldwide, comes with the Phaeston to swap out with the Incisor.

Stands a whopping 21 inches tall. Smoke effect not included. Heh.

Pushmo hits the big time, gets merch

Pushmo World was just announced, and hidden in that announcement was a showing of some new merchandise featuring Mallo. A rubber keychain, a plush with a zip pouch and place for ID, and a traditional plush. See the rest after the break.

Check out the Japanese site here

Kirby Mass Attack in figure form

That's one big pile of pink. Ten Kirby figures, all with different poses, can be piled up, stacked, and arranged in various shapes. The set also contains a warp star. The mass attack is coming in late July, and is called a Tsumu Tsumu set in Japan.

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Taito mugs for the masses

These five mugs are on offer from High Dream, and they are officially licensed Taito IPs. Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, New Zealand Story, Rainbow Islands, and the Ninja Warriors each gets it own mug. September 2014.

via NCSX

Might want to keep tabs on this site for future releases.

Mario Kart 7 gets a slot car set

A new "Puzzle Circuit Set" has appeared from Mobi Games, and looks a lot like a certain old slot car set from Mario Party. That, or the DK Mine Cart set. Either way, it's been modernized for use with Mario Kart 7. The track has as many as eight configurations. See the back of the package with all the info after the break.

New Mario figures set brings the fire, shrooms, and an ape

Japan Auto Toy is at it again, andthis time Mario and Luigi have fire power and come with different-colored Toads. DK also makes an appearance. Nice boxes and packaging, too. See that after the break.

Thanks to the eagle of of tl2005us!

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Pokemon X/Y toys in McDonalds' Happy Meals

American Girl, or Pokemon? Hmm. With 12 Pokemon to collect, that's an easy one for us video game merchandise collectors!

Check out the site now

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Animal Crossing plushes from Sega

Pre-orders start now for an August release of all of these plushes. Isabelle is nearly 14" tall, while the other set is around three inches each. Isabelle, Tom Nook, Kapp'n and a Gyroid make up the set. All these years and it's still weird to see Nintendo stuff coming from Sega. Heh.

Large Isabelle plush
Mini plush set

POP! Vinyl Assassin's Creed figures are killer cute

Altair, Ezio, Connor, and Edward have been stylized for their appearance as POP! Vinyl figures. Funko has kept all the details to identify each assassin, and then made then around 3 inches tall. These are out now, and several retail shops and online shops have them ready to buy.

Auction Crawler: Mario's Time Machine

A Mario Clock from the Super Mario World era has cropped up on YJA. 3000yen and 2 days left. Apparently, the alarm does not sound but the clock works. Nice display piece though.

Lot of unpainted Mario figures - 1000yen, 6 days.
Samus Figma - 1855yen, 3 days.
Game and Watch diorama set complete - 10,000yen, 3 days.
Check this Mario furniture out! - 4500yen, 5 days.
Square Millenium Collection Legend of Mana with figures - 902 BIN. No game and the music box may have issues.
Donkey Kong Wind-up plush (Mario vs. DK) - 380yen, 5 days.
Mario wind-up plush (Mario vs. DK) - 500yen, 2 days.
Baby Peach plush - 2300yen BID, 2600yen BIN, < 1 day.
SMB3 Album - 4900yen, 2 days.
Kirby plush lot with Meta Knight and King Dedede - 2800yen, 2 days.
Kirby figure with stylus on card - 902yen, 2 days.
Various small Nintendo displays - 400yen, 1 day.
SMW Playset - 2980yen, 4 days.
S.H. Figuarts Mario bonus 1up Mushroom - 500 BID, 600 BIN, 3 days.

Have a grand? Then you can snag this trio of Ryus

Pop Culture Shock has announced not one but THREE new Ryu statues to collect. Or, more likely, pick from.
These will be available to pre-order on May 19th for a Q1 2015 release.

Standard Ryu statue - $325 for the basic model. Polystone 1:4 scale statue. Limited, but the number has yet to be announced.

Ansatsuken Exclusive Ryu - Same as above but with a swappable head featuring a gritting-teeth expression for his Assassination Fist move. There is another head as well, which has yet to be shown. Limited to 300 pieces at $335.

Tatakai Kōka Exclusive - This statue features battle damage on Ryu's gi and gloves. He also comes with a different head. Please let it be his battle-damaged face from SFII! Limited to 250 pieces at $350.

The Mouse and the Rabbit sure POP!

Check these POP! Vinyl figures out from Epic Mickey 2. Featuring Mickey with his brush and Oswald with his remote. Out now!

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Mana Merchandise Finds


Man, I'm tired of only hearing about Earthbound all the time. What about all the other great games for the SNES? This time I'll do Secret of Mana. Some of these items weren't made for the SNES game per se, but from one Rabite to another, they're all precious. And much harder to find then just wandering outside your village.

Above is a Rabite Plush Strap Screen cleaner:

Metal Rabite Clip with Phone Card:

Secret of Mana Euro Magazine- Mana art on the cover. Kind of neat for unofficial, and a nice vintage item:

Sword of Mana (Remake of the very first game on the original game boy) Mana Blue Edition GBA System:

Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid chooses exclusivity

The Good Smile Company is apparently obsessed with Nintendo right now. First Isabelle, then Luigi, then Link, and now a Pokemon Trainer. This time though, the Nendoroid may only be available at the Pokemon Center, meaning its exclusivity may leave it out of the reach of several fans. It's set to be 4500 yen, but that is for the lucky ones that can snag it on site. This will be able to be pre-ordered between May 24th and June 29th for a September 27th release.
The Nendoroid is planned to have all sorts of goodies, including three different faces, four arms, five wrists, and three legs. The Pokedex, Poke Ball, and Master Ball should also be great for posing. The three Pokemon from Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander - are also going to accompany him in his quest to steal your heart.

Thanks fizzycat!

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Here come the Mario Kart 8 racers!

Takara is coming out with - you guessed it - Mario Kart 8 racers. Face it, it was inevitable. Five racers in the standard kart are here, goingfor 300yen a piece in capsules. Look for them in late August.

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Takara's Mario item rings

There is no shortage of little crappy rings in capsule machines in the states. Not sure if that holds true in Japan, but Takara is adding these item rings in capsule machines in mid August. 200yen per capsule.