Sanei releasing Mega Man plushes

megaman protoman rush

Included in the set are 2 sizes of Mega Man, Proto Man, and Mega Man's trusty sidekick Rush. These are set for release in December.

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Captain Toad plushes you don't have to track down


Set to release in December, the standing and sitting plushes are priced at 1,860 yen and 1,450 yen at AmiAmi right now. Click the pic to order your own and start hunting for treasure!

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Dr. Robotnik has erected a statue of himself

22 inches tall and limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide, here is Sonic's nemesis standing proud with some chaos emeralds. $400 and set to arrive Q2 of 2015. He comes with extra hands too, with or without the emeralds. You'd think that would have been the exclusive, but not this time. There is also a contest going on at their Facebook page to win him outright.

Order now at F4F

Goliath statue to release for 2K's Evolve

Nearly 30 inches tall, weighing in at 35 pounds, this sucker lives up to his name. Nothing compared to the life-size version seen at E3 this year, but still mighty impressive. The Goliath from Triforce is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and comes with a Goliath-sized price tag as well, hitting $750. But that's not all. At New York Comic Con this year, people will be able to pre-order the Savage Goliath variant that is even more limited to 150 pieces worldwide and will cost $800. The variant will have some red paint to accentuate the skin. Expensive paint job. Coming Q2 of 2015. It's a gamble, sure, seeing as how it's a new IP and the game will be out before the statue. Maybe that's why pre-orders are non-refundable. You also better watch the shipping on it, as it's classified as oversized. Meaning not cheap.

You can pre-order now

Amiibo, wave 2

Arriving December 19thin Europe (and some other time that month in North America), Zelda, Diddy, Luigi, Pit, CAPTAIN FALCON, and Little Mac join the battle. That's right, the very first Captain Falcon figure EVER is here! Soon!
The original set also got a release date of November 21st in NA, Nov. 28th in Europe.

Sly Cooper Statue is Gaming Heads' golden boy

Regular edition:
$200, 12 inches tall, 750 pieces worldwide, expected Q2 2015.

Exclusive edition:
$210, 12 inches tall, 350 pieces worldwide, Q2 2015.

Luigi's Mansion figures a bit early for Halloween

Luigi, a scared Toad, and the King Boo himself. All in great packaging from the Nihon Auto Toy Company. They sure know what they are doing. All of their figures are large, in charge, and have fantastic quality.

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Auction Crawler: Bag some Kirby

Found this cute little Kirby bag in Kirby's Adventure styling, so it's rare and hard to find. Looks as though Kirby had a labotomy though . . .
Auction - 800yen, 2 days.

Other stuff:
Yoshi in Egg in box - 1500yen BID, 2000yen BIN. 8 hours left, but no bids so it may renew.
Kirby lot - plenty of rare - 2000yen, 2 days.
Mario puzzle - 800yen, 8 hours. No bids so may renew.
Family Computer Hammer Brother figure unpainted - 800yen, 10 hours left. No bids so it may renew.
- 800yen, 1 day.
Rare Super Mario Kart card slapping game in box - 5500yen, 1 day.
Super Mario Sunshine magnet set complete with map - 500yen, 4 days.
Very rare SMB1 pencil tin - This is an odd one. 2000yen BID, 3000yen BIN, 3 days.
Super Mario Kart plush lot - 1990yen, 4 days.
SMRPG cards and coins - 1200yen, 1 day.

Gaming Heads reveals Fear Kratos bust


The second in the series and also the most limited statue Gaming Heads has made so far at only 100. Get yours here before they sell out! Although at nearly $600, it may take a while.

A new set of colorful Kirby plushes

Found on YJA, a new set of Kirby with abilities and four different colors. SK Japan cooks up some pretty weird combos, yeah?

Dress up as your favorite Link from Link Between Worlds

Furyu is releasing these great little cosplay hats featuring Link with insane ears and Ravio's hood. Coming late December.

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F4F Sword Kirby up for pre-order this Tuesday

No other details besides it being a new line and low numbers will be given to those first to the intertubes that day.

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The F4F Facebook page

Furuta keeps the choco egg figure train going with Super Mario 3D World

I love these figures. They're like little puzzles, they're small, they're great with detail, painted well, and always manage to fit in characters that have never had merch before. Furuta sets us up for another round of these in October this year. Any bets on the secret figure? I'm betting Cat Peach.

Cat Mario
Cat Luigi
Cat Toad
Cat Banzai Bill
Cat Goomba
Snow Pokey
Pom Pom
Cat Bell

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Yoshi's New Island Gashapon

Yoshi's New Island has released unto the world, and now some merch has unexpectedly shown up. Why is it unexpected? The Yoshi series has largely been overlooked by the merch companies, which is sad. However, now we have a bunch of Yoshi transformations as little gashapon keychains. NCSX has the whole set up for pre-order, but I'm telling you now you can probably beat that price by waiting.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Plush Blocks

I love that the Paper Mario series is finally getting some decent merchandise. This time we see plush blocks straight out of the game, and you can even peel the "stickers" off the blocks! Sweetness. These are quite large too. Bigger than the sound blocks from a while ago.

via Kikai's blog

A Mario Coin Shooter and Jump World

I thought these were modern pachinko machines, but instead, the yellow one is a coin shooter and the orange one has you jumping little marbles up to the top of that little platforming simulator . . . device.
Check the jump for Epoch's packaging of both.

Mario Kart 8 Marble Loop Race

Epoch has stepped their marble race up a notch with this Mario Kart 8 set, making the marbles go all ant-grav in celebration of the Wii U game sweeping the nations.

Check out the Japanese ad!


New Super Mario Bros. U Projector eggs

Remember these? Takara Tomy Arts must have had good sales from them, as they have released some new egg projectors based on New Super Mario Bros. U. Again showing art from the game, this set is really only distinguishable from the last via the tags and three distinctly colored Yoshi eggs. Pink, Yellow, and Blue eggs all show the baby Yoshis that they contain. Also, Bowser Jr., Peach, and Mario scenes can be seen.


Mario crystal stamps are some high-grade stampers

Out now from Ensky, these crystal stampers are pretty large high-quality stamps. At around 350yen each, they're not cheap, either. Packaging display and more pics after the break.

Mario and 1-up
Mario and Peach

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Auction Crawler: Let Kirby Model for you

A Kirby Model Kit set has appeared on YJA. While they're all lose, it's the complete first set, and they have become quite rare. 16,000yen BID, 32,000yen BIN, with no bids and 4 days left.

Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Album - not sure what this is . . . but it's LA! 475yen, 2 days.
Set of Club Nintendo soundtracks - 5,000yen, 4 days.
NIKKO Mario Kart figure - 400yen, 2 days.
Lot of merch - 21yen, 2 days.
Mario and Yoshi stamp set in box - 3150yen, 5 days.
Unclipped unpainted Mario figures - 2500yen BIN, 9 hours. Hopefully will re-up.
Another set - 2500yen, 9 hours.
Yet Another set - 2500yen, 12 hours.
Mario Famicom figure - 2200yen, 3 days.