Another variant for the Mega Man X D-Arts figure to appear at Tamashii Nation

Tamashii Nation 2011, a figure promotional event in the Akihabara District in Tokyo, Japan, will feature yet another variant of the Mega Man X D-Arts figure. The manga series by artist Yoshihiro Iwamoto that is very popular in Japan is the inspiration for the new variant, hence the anime eyes. There is no further information on whether other differences exist yet.

via Mega Man Network.

Jollibee's current fast food meal toys feature Mega Man

More popular in the Philippines than the USA, Jollibee Restaurants are running a promotion starring the Blue Bomber and his bro. There are Jollibee locations here in the states; locations include California, Nevada, New York, Washington, and Hawaii.
Mega Man shoots his buster shot via a spring-loaded mechanism, and Proto Man has a removable shield. Neither are very articulated, but they're free toys with the child meal, so one can't ask for too much.

More pics after the break.

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Nobody will object to this "Capcom Special Attorney Series" 10th Anniversary Merchandise

Capcom is releasing some special swag for the 10th Anniversary of their "Special Attorney Series", which encompasses characters like Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice. Mugs, character straps, a boatload of clear files, and some commemorative fans will be released.
Expect the items around the anniversary, which is Jan. 29th, 2012, one-Capcom.

To see bigger images and all the stuff, head to the first link below.
via Famitsu via GoNintendo

Ten years later, a Claude figure from Grand Theft Auto III

For the tenth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar Games is releasing a Claude action figure in conjunction with Sideshow Collectibles.
The 1:6 fully articulated figure will come with a bevy of accessories.

- 12 inch body with nearly 30 points of articulation
- Fabric Liberty City State prison outfit
- Bomber jacket with real zippers
- Canvas cargo pants
- Two assault rifles
- Sniper rifle
- Grenades
- Knife
- Sub machine gun
- Baseball bat
- Pistol
- One pair of fists
- One right trigger hand
- One left C grip hand

You can pre-order one for $149.99 at the Rockstar Warehouse. There is a chance to win the figure in a Social Club contest or at the NYC Comic Con. More info in the link below.

via Rockstar Games

Mario Mushroom hats a day late and a dollar . . . too long?

Nearly $50, and these official Mario mushroom hats won't even make it out for Halloween. Due out in November, these official hats come on the heels of years of unofficial hats of the same nature being sold, and upstaged by official costume Toad hats that make more sense and are cheaper. A lot of places are calling these Toad hats, but Toad has a white mushroom head with red spots. These would be Super and 1-up mushroom hats, which somehow make even less sense.
Pre-order at NCSX

Epic Mickey Motion Collection Gashapon

Releasing sometime very soon (slated for Mid-October), these Epic Mickey gashapon figures are certainly something epic. Officially dubbed the Epic Mickey Motion Collection, the ten figures in the set represent the characters in (mostly) highly animated poses. There are five figures with two paint jobs each. The black and white versions of Mickey come with thinner on the brush, where the painted versions have paint. Brilliant little details like these really show the passion put into these little figures by Takara.
You can see the art sheet for these after the break, showing the similarity to the actual game art.
You can still pre-order at Hobby Link Japan. Just know that a box only has eight pieces, so you would have to order two boxes to attempt getting the full set.
Thanks Manveri!

First 4 Figures unleases Knuckles upon the world in two variant statues

First 4 Figures has been really bust lately, releasing a lot of video game statues. While most have been Zelda-related, today they focus once again on the Sonic the Hedgehog line, bring a 10" statue of Knuckles to the table with a normal and exclusive version. The Exclusive version has pulsing red and yellow lights in the base to give the illusion that the lava is real.

Thanks Ketsueki!

Knuckles Statue - $170 - limited to 1500 worldwide.
Knuckles Exclusive Statue - $190 - limited to 500 worldwide.

Pac-Man invades the ridiculous costume market

If the Angry Birds Halloween craziness wasn't enough for you, try these on for size. The males get the poofy $40-$50-$60 abominations, while the females get the too-short dresses for around $30.
There's even an $80 dress or . . . smock . . . that represents the game board. These can be found at a major discount at Amazon for around $30.

via GameSetWatch

Rayman Origins gets a pre-order slapping bag at Best Buy

Pre-orders started on the 7th this month for the game that releases on the 14th.

You can go pre-order online here!

New Years will be a blast at the Pokemon Center

Pikachu and Darumaka-themed merchandise will be appearing starting Nov. 19th in Japan at the Pokemon Center stores.
If you spend enough, there are even some Christmas Ornaments that will be given away.

Merch to look for:
- Lacquer bento box for 1600 Yen
- Lacquer mug 1200 Yen
- Lacquer charm strap for 580 Yen
- Darumaka and Pikachu keychain for 630 Yen
- New Years decoration (Ribbon) 760 Yen
- New Years decoration (Ornament) 760 Yen

More info here

Nintendo strings together another Mario patch set

Another round of Mario patches has been spotted in Japan, and is certainly living up to the previous set. I think Mario looks even better than last time and the other patches in the set look very detailed as well. It looks like the best bet would be YJA with a proxy service for these, as neither set has been found in any of the import shops.
Keep 'em coming, there are plenty of characters and items yet to be done!

Thanks Genome!

1-1 of Super Mario Land 3D merchandise emerges

The first batch of Super Mario Land 3D merchandise has been uncovered, and its a set of stylus straps. The set contains 6 different stylus styles (try saying that one 5x fast) each with a different character/item dangler and color. Now, these certainly aren't the most exciting pieces, but it gives me high hopes for a 3D Land flood.

Global Holdings imports some of the Mario Sound Plushes with some differences

At first glance, it just appears that Global Holdings has taken the Japanese Sound Plushes and adapted them for American retail. However, both the device that makes the sound and the sounds themselves have changed, essentially making them new products for collectors.
The construction of the plushes does appear to be the same, even in fabric, which hasn't been true with most of the plushes brought to different regions outside Japan. There is a pocket on each to extract the sound device to change out batteries if necessary, as was true on the Japanese plushes as well. However, the device uses a button that one has to find and press to activate the sound, where the Japanese plushes utilized a motion-activated sound device. Owners would simply have to bump the plush to activate the sound. The device was also quite small, whereas the new plush has a much larger battery casing and the button is attached via some wires extending out of that battery box.
The sounds are from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and the Japanese plushes used the more classic or retro sounds from the series. This, for collectors, will be the most important distinction. Both plushes do the 1-up sound after a string of either coins or kicking noises. The 1-up sound can be repeated several times after it begins, and then after some silence the sounds apparently reset. This is a nice little addition to the sounds of the other Japanese set.
Database entry for the Question Block
Database entry for the Koopa Shell
Thanks Yoshiyoster!

Trick out your 3DS with new Mario styled cases

Can't get enough of the classic pixel Mario? Or is modern Mario more your thing? Either way, you're in luck because KeysFactory is bringing Japanese gamers 4 styles of Super Mario 3DS protective cases which feature artwork new and old (...and somewhat irrelevant). What's up with those bunches of bananas on the white one? This isn't Donkey Kong!

Anyways, you can get your hands on one (or all four!) with a proxy service via AmiAmi for 990 Yen each.

Thanks Genome!

RISK: Metal Gear Solid Collector's Edition - Now Available for Preorder!

Love video games? Love board games? Love it when the two are combined into one perfect package? Well, behold... RISK: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition!

USAopoly now has the game available for preorder on their website for $49.99. They state that only 2,014 Limited Edition versions will be available.

The game ships in mid-November and can only be delivered to US addresses, but it appears that international payments are accepted as long as the initial destination is a US address.

UPDATE #1: The Limited Edition is now officially sold out on the website. That was fast. Congratulations to anyone who managed to snag one!

UPDATE #2: The non-limited Collector's Edition is now up for preorder. It's $10 cheaper at $39.99 and seems to be essentially the same aside from different box art.

Promo Press: Club Nintendo gets busy and a Super Mario Land 3D preorder bonus

Super Mario Land 3D comes out on November 13th (only one month away!), and the first preorder bonus has been announced. Also, both Club Nintendo Japan and North America have added new rewards. Just crack open this Promo Press to see more pics and details!

In this edition:

-Club Nintendo NA Handheld cards
-Club Nintendo JP 3DS styli
-Super Mario Land 3D preorder bonus

Australia boards the Zelda Swag Wagon

Joining the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Swag Wagon is the country of Australia and its Nintendo Connection Tour going on now. Exclusive freebies include several of the European promos, like the wooden stylus and the rubber logo keychain, but they also get some exclusives, like the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword pin and a code card that you would eneter to win one of the rare Zelda scrolls being given out. Oh, you want to see pictures of the scrolls? Well, hit the "Read More" button!
Thanks Ikhana and Spyke!

Only three months left in the VGMM 2011 Contribupoints Contest

October. November. December. At the stroke of midnight Dec. 31st 2011, the Video Game Memorabilia Museum's 2011 Contribupoints Contest will be decided. Since its announcement, over 2500 items have been added to the database. I wonder how many more will be added in the last three months of the contest to try to trump other members, but I'll definitely be watching closely. It's been exciting so far.
I've been holding off adding things to make room for other member's points, but it's been tough not filling my own database!
A small detail has been clarified as well, as a monthly prize for the month of December will not occur due to the grand prizes being delved out instead. I wanted to clarify before receiving questions on that.
Also, prizes may take some time to go out, as I will have to verify the winner's uploads for each of the prize ranks.
All contest details here.
Good luck to all that are participating!

Final Fantasy does Bed, Bath . . . and Beyond

Come mid-November, Square-Enix will bring the joy of having a Chocobo, Moogle, or Cactaur wash you, rest your head, or hold your monies.
The staple Final Fantasy characters will each appear on some hand towels, but Cactaur totally gets snubbed when it comes to the coin cases and the cushions. Well, who would want to sleep on a cactus anyway? A person who loves irony, that's who! Oh well . . .
The coin cases will be ¥950 (~$12), the cushions will be ¥3,200 (~$42), and the hand towels will be ¥850 (~$11).
You can pre-order at a discount at AmiAmi.
More pics of all the products, including fronts and backs, after the break.