Hit the Books with the Zelda 25th Anniversary "Hyrule Historia"

Nintendo is releasing what is practically a Zelda textbook to honor the series' 25th anniversary. The book is loaded with concept art, trivia, history and anything Zelda spanning a whopping 274 pages. By the looks of it, the book will have sections for each game in the series featuring concept art and facts making it a great tribute for all Zelda fans. Unfortunately, this is currently only for Japan, but hopefully it will make its way to the other regions; I want to be able to actually read it!
Releases 12/21/11 for 3255 Yen.

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Click after the jump for some drool-inducing scans.

Pokemon Update 12/9/11

Another small update this week, but there was still some cool new Pokemon merchandise released since last Friday.

-New Pikachu plush
-Pokemon Center's Pokemon of the Month December
-Reshiram/Zekrom buttons

Catch more pics and info after the break.

Piece together Mario Kart 7's action-packed box art

Recently, it seems like every major Mario release gets it own puzzle that uses the game's box art. The streak continues with Mario Kart 7 with its puzzle popping up on AmiAmi for 1100 Yen with a February release.

If you are in the mood for more puzzles, you can also snag the Super Mario 3D Land puzzle from AmiAmi.

Your argument will soon be invalid because I'll be able to wear a Protoman Fleece Hemlet . . . and other stuff

Coming 3/30/2011, a Proto Man fleece helmet will be available for purchase. You will be able to instantly win any argument, especially on the internet, with this upcoming product from Great Eastern Entertainment. By seeing through Blues' sunglasses, you will be able to craft the perfect retort in any debate situation. Okay, so maybe it's just a cool hat.
Also coming on that date are a Mega Man Powered Up drawstring bag, and some sticker and magnet sheets.

You can see more info here, and if you're a retailer you can pre-order these for your store.

Mario Kart Wii pullbacks add new zip to previously released figures

While there are essentially no new figures here because of previous sets, these figures do have new mechanics built into them allowing owners to pull them back, let them go, and have honest-to-goodness races with Mario Kart characters. It makes so much sense for this series that I'm surprised they release non-pullback figures at all. Of course, the next best thing is controllable RCs, and there are plenty of those out there too. Funny that Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. would release these so close to the next game (Mario Kart 7, that I'm sure we'll see a lot of in the merch to come.
The last two sets came in boxes, so I'm wondering if this set will follow suit, but from the pic after the break, it appears these will come in capsules. It will retail at ¥1,350.

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@ Amazon.co.jp

Mario, Peach, and Toad 3DS systems heading to Europe

Register two of the following games on your Club Nintendo account for a chance to win one of these systems:

Resident Evil™: Revelations
Mario Kart 7
Super Pokémon™ Rumble
Star Fox 64 3D
Resident Evil™: The Mercenaries 3D
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
DEAD OR ALIVE® Dimensions
Steel Diver
nintendogs + cats
Pilotwings Resort
Super Street Fighter™ IV 3D Edition

Link to the Japanese announcement.

Pokemon Update 12/2/11

Only two new Pokemon sets this week, with the next batch of Black/White plushes and a neat Pokemon Center promotion.

-Pokemon Black/White plushes set 10
-Pokemon Center Pikachu charms/straps

Catch 'em all (pics and info that is) after the break.

Sonic Nendoroid up for pre-order

The Sonic Nendoroid is now up for pre-order at various retailers. Retail is ¥3,334, but pre-ordering can save some cash. Sonic is fast, but you'll still have to wait until April 2012 for him to arrive.

Hobby Search
Hobby Link Japan

Dragon Quest III's Erdrick (Loto) Armor is a sight to behold

Dragon Quest III's hero is all decked out in Erdrick's armor, helmet, sword and shield. At around seven inches tall, he could probably whoop most figures in your collection. The retail is at ¥5,800, and with the detail exhibited in this figure, it's worth every penny. I'm not really even a DQ fan, and this figure is very tempting to me. Figure perfection.
Get it here or here.
More pics after the break.

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Aperture Laboratories releases a less-than-lethal shower curtain to remember the past

ThinkGeek knows what it's doing with the Portal license. They've decided to release what made Cave Johnson all those millions back in the day: a shower curtain that contains less than 1% mercury. While I don't think ThinkGeek will get any government contracts (especially from the Navy), these will go fast. Cave would be proud. He'd also like these Portal cookie cutters.

New Zelda reward does a Skyward Strike to Club Nintendo balances

Skyward Sword just released and 2011 marks the franchise's 25th anniversary; Club Nintendo has got to do something, right? Well, in honor of these occasions, a Zelda 25th/Skyward Sword poster pack has been added to Japan's (250 points) and Australia's (1300 points) Club Nintendo catalogs. Unfortunately, these haven't been announced for North America or UK as of yet, but it seems like a no-brainer to send it over to these other two regions. It would definitely be a good idea to set aside a few hundred points for these in case these are sent over; who would be able to resist that epic Links artwork?

In other Club Nintendo news, the UK catalog recently added Game and Watch Ball (7500 stars) and Game and Watch Collection (5000 stars).

D-Arts Zero (Type 2), Comic Zero, and Vile appear at the Tamashii Nation 2011 event

Bandai's D-Arts line of toys is very popular, so we should see a pretty steady set of releases from now until . . . they are not. Here are the next three in the line. Two more Zeros, this time sporting his Type 2 armor and his Comic version, and Vile. I guess they finally solved that shoulder cannon dilemma. More pics, including Type 2 Zero, after the break.

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Zelda fans journey to Nintendo World for early release, poster

Zelda fans lined up early for Nintendo World Store's Skyward Sword launch event on November 19th. The store had a Zelda trivia/scavenger hunt set up (which was a bit lame due to lack of prizes), a Master Sword replica to pose with, a Zelda gallery, and the game set up on the Wiis. The event was a bit lackluster compared to others, but getting the game a day before release with a gorgeous Skyward Sword poster (limited to 2000 prints) was certainly awesome.

More pictures from the event after the break, including the entire Zelda gallery.

Pokemon Update 11/25/11

Three new sets straight out of Japan this week, including more Pokemon Center merchandise and some event promos.

-Pokemon Center opening merchandise
-PokePark 2 Pokemon Center clearfiles
-Battle Carnival merchandise

Make like Team Rocket and blast off after the break for more pics and info!

New Portal flashlights shed more light on ThinkGeek's exclusive Portal merchandise series

Wheatley is just a blue LED flashlight for $20, but the Turret is a flashlight packed full with sound effects for $25. Both will be packaged with the Aperture propaganda seen in the game. I can see this easily becoming a series, with more personality spheres and gadgets from the game.


New Super Mario watches look awfully familiar

Tomy T-Arts is bringing another round of Mario digital watches sans the New Super Mario Bros. Wii theme of the previous set. These watches are sure to satisfy all sorts of fans with each one featuring a different character, with the set using Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser and Peach. Who are you?

Releasing in Japan February 2012.

Nathan Drake half-tucks his way into the Play Arts Kai line of toys

The Play Arts Kai series of expensive yet highly detailed action figures are known for their versatility. So is Nathan Drake. So, Square-Enix decided that ol' Nate should join the line. He is due out in Spring of 2012, but pre-orders went up today. He comes with some different hands and a T-bolt-Sniper, AK-47, and trusty 45 Defender. He also sports his look from the latest game, meaning we get that snazzy scarf.
Hit the break for pics of all of the above poses.

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Zombie Cop slowly lumbers forth to present Resident Evil's 15th Birthday

Straight from the streets of Raccoon City and fresh out of the Umbrella Corporation (actually Hollywood Collectibles) comes this 1/6th scale (~13 inches) heavyweight polystone, highly detailed, hand-painted and numbered Zombie Cop statue. Capcom is releasing him for the 15th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise.
500 pieces will be released worldwide, and several will be available straight from the Capcom Store. In fact, you can pre-order it now at $159.99. You can find other retailers offering it for lower, like this one. This website appears to have reserved the low numbers for pre-orders (#1-#100), so if numbering concerns you you may have to go there.

Nintendo characters are ready to hold your goods with these plush backpacks

At first, only Mario and Yoshi hit the plush backpack scene. Then Luigi came along. Then Mario got a fireflower and a Fire Mario version popped up. Now, Link, Peach, DK, a Goomba, and a Koopa Troopa all want to be part of the action.
Various retailers are carrying these, including Toys R Us and Spencer's Gifts. MSRP for these appears to be around the $20 range.
I had actually been wondering if a lot of these were fakes, just jumping on the popular bandwagon. There are fake plush backpacks, but it's nice to know that these new ones are official.
Thanks gblock!

Pokemon Update 11/18/11

More Pokemon Center merchandise/set sheets have popped up over the week, including more Christmas merchandise, and a neat Pepsi promotion. This edition includes:

-Pokemon Pepsi figures
-Pokemon Christmas plushes (3)
-Pokemon Black/White character pixel figures

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