Chinese Club Nintendo members get a Mario umbrella for when there's no Super Mario Sunshine

It looks like Chinese Club Nintendo members had a chance to enter into a raffle to win one of 200 Mario themed umbrellas. Good luck finding one as any iQue related thing is hard to find outside of China, even when there's more than 200 of them...

A link to the announcement and a list of winners.

Pokemon Update 2/10/12

This year's Pokemon anime movie is centered around Kyurem and merchandise sets are beginning to appear. Here are this week's offerings:

-Kyurem movie figure straps
-Kyurem movie watches
-Black/White Pokemon dolls

Grab your explorer kit and check out more info and pics after the break!

The real set of Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword metal item keychains

Since this exciting post, we've found a picture of the full set of Legend of Zelda Skyward Sworld metal item keychains.
The Master Sword and Hylian Shield are back (despite the Hylian Shield being very difficult to attain in the game), but the Goddess Harp, Gust Bellows, Beetle, and Mogma Mitts are all brand new!
Found on ebay - Thanks Ikhana!

Dragon Quest merchandise update

The Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary was last year, but the flow of merchandise from the event has not been stopped, and is spilling into this year as well. While this new merch isn't necessarily related to the 25th anniversary, that event certainly got the ball rolling!
Added to the already very impressive flood are some mugs, some new gold business holders, a costume, and a blind-boxed figure and map set.
Hero's costume (DQIII) - ¥15,800
Case of Map figures - ¥6,300
Slime Mug - ¥1,500
King Slime Mug - ¥1,500
Slime Stack Mug - ¥1,500 (coming in March)
Metal Slime Mug - ¥1,500 (coming in March)
Golden business card holders - ¥1,780 each (coming late March)

Portal Gun replica from NECA up for pre-order

NECA is making Portal stuff, and its next entry is a 1:1 scale Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device replica (or the Portal Gun).
Now there will be more hilarious portal videos on Youtube, as not everyone will have to make their own Portal gun.
It lights up orange and blue, but no word yet on whether or not sound will be included. It would be a nice touch.
You can pre-order here for ¥16,000 (~$210) for an April release date.

via Kotaku

The Mario Converse shoe line gets a 2-up

The popularity of the last two sets of Converse Mario shoes were so popular, that they decided one good turn deserved another. The Converse One Star Super Mario Bros. OX is based off of Converse's One Star series (as opposed to the Chuck Taylor Hi-tops), and features two new styles of shoe, black and white, and has a Starman prevalently displayed on the shoe. 8-bit Mario graphics adorn the heel.
The premium leather shoes will be coming out in March this year.
See the second she after the break!

via GoNintendo via Alltop via LikeCool via Hiyoko-G via High Nobiety

A Vile newcomer to the Mega Man D-Arts line

Vile has been revealed by Bluefin USA, the company bringing the Bandai D-Arts line over from Japan. Vile has MANY accessories, including two shoulder-mounted cannons, knee guns (?!), and even . . . a cocktail (???!!!).
No more info other than the shots were released, but they did start a poll for the next figure on Facebook. I'm pulling for Sigma, as there has never been a full-sized figure of him released.

For more shots, head to Rockman Corner

Angry Video Game Nerd gets plushified!

The Angry Video Game Nerd, and his "sidekick" Sh*t Pickle, are both getting plushes. $17.98 each or $30 for the set, and both are available right now on Screw Attack's Store.
Now The Nerd can be right there with you while you try to land your plane in Top Gun, get killed relentlessly in Silver Surfer, or even brave Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

New Pokemon figures and Crossover game! Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition! Slated for mid-march 2012 release!


Hello Pokemon Fans! Do I got a surprise for you? Coming very soon in March, releasing in Japan are some new figures to co-release with Nintendo's upcoming crossover game with Koei, Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition. The figures slated for release will be of two new characters from the new game and their Pokemon partner. The first figure is Oda Nobunaga and his Zekrom and the second figure is Akechi Mitsuhide and his Articuno. Both characters are originally from Nobunaga's Ambition, a turn-based strategy RPG originally released in Japan on the Famicom in 1987.


Nobunaga stands on a black base with his Zekrom behind arms and wings open in a pose in which he's ready to attack. Mitsuhide stands on an ice base with his Articuno behind him wings ready to soar. These figures look incredible! Each character is beautifully and meticulously sculpted have been made with great detail.

Any Pokemon fan would absolutely LOVE these two in their collection, heck, I know I do! So hurry and get your Pre-Orders in before time runs out! These figures will release in the middle of March 2012 along with the DS game which is slated for March 17, 2012.

You can purchase these figures for yourself from the following sites.

AmiAmi - Zekrom and Nobunaga Articuno and Mitsuhide
Official Shop - KoeiTecmo

Super Mario 3D Land Enemy Collection features Tanooki tails, newbies

Super Mario 3D Land has all the enemy mainstays, while introducing us to quite a few new enemies. Lucky for us, Takara Tomy is taking the best of both worlds with their 3D Land enemy collection figure set. The set takes veterans Thomp, Boo, Goomba and Bullet Bill and slaps a Tanooki Tail on them, just like in the game. Meanwhile, first time enemies Stingby, Biddybuds, Wallop and Prongo are busy getting their very first pieces of merchandise with this set. On a side note, this also marks the first figure for Coin Coffer/Moneybag, who has been around the Mario universe (sparingly) since Super Mario 64!
And to top things off, HLJ has these listed at only 1200 Yen for a box of 15 with a May release.

Bravo Takara Tomy (and HLJ), bravo! Mario Paint Clapping

Mario and Sonic at Target stores' shelves

A couple Gacha figure sets from Sonic and Super Mario Galaxy 2 have been spotted at Target retailers. The Sonic set is a brand new with 6 figures, while the Super Mario Galaxy 2 set is a localized version of the Japanese enemy collection figures. Each figure is a couple dollars and blind packaged, but it looks like you might be able to see into the packaging...even if it will draw weird looks from employees and other shoppers. It's great seeing a lot of the Japanese merchandise making its way over here, hopefully that trend continues!

Thanks LSuperSonicQ2 and SoulDreamX!

Pokemon Update 2/3/12

How about a couple new Pokemon merchandise set sheets? Here's what is new this week:

-Pokemon Black/White mini slot machines
-Pokemon Black/White Pokeball figures

Grab some poffins, more pics and info after the break!

Final Fantasy's 25th Anniversary celebrated with cards, cups

It's Final Fantasy's 25th Anniversary. I feel old. I'm sure that there will be some intensely expensive items released this year to celebrate, but let's start with some little stuff like trump cards and a tumbler. The tumbler features Mog from Final Fantasy VI, so everyone is going to want that. The cards are truly magnificent, featuring all sorts of art on each suit from the various titles in the series.
To see the cards (and the brilliant jokers), hit the break!
Square-Enix is also releasing other tumblers not necessarily related to the 25 year celebration, and you can see those as well after the break.
¥1,200 for the cards on the Japanese Square Shop, and they will be available this spring.
The tumbler will hit in March and cost ¥1,900.

via adriasang

Dress up your 3DS pretty with this Peach case

Mario and Luigi shouldn't have all of the dress-up fun. Peach wants to join in and make your 3DS fit for a ball. May I suggest a Pearl Pink 3DS to go with it?
This is available in early March and is selling on AmiAmi for ¥1430

Zero (2nd Version) is the next in Bandai's D-Arts line

The first Zero D-Arts figure was a lot of fun, but he was missing something. Boxy shoulder guards? Maybe? Z-Saber? Oh yeah, that's it! Well, Bandai, is out to rectify that situation post-haste with the release of a "2nd Version" Zero that comes with not one but two styles of his infamous Z-Saber.
The Japanese figure will be about $45, but Bluefin Tamashi will release an American one in June for less.
More pics after the break.

via Rockman Corner

New Club Nintendo reward brings the 3DS love

Club Nintendo released some new rewards today. The notebooks have been seen on Club Nintendo Japan already, and have not changed. The 3DS case is the real news, showing both Mario and Zelda some attention.

There are four double-sided "sleeves" for the game-box-sized case, featuring eight different styles. Four Mario characters are on one of the replaceable sleeves, and a retro Legend of Zelda design is seen as well. 18 games can be stored in the case. It is 250 coins. Each of the three notebooks are 250 as well.

Club Nintendo USA

New Ratchet and Clank plushes coming in late February

Officially licensed Ratchet and Clank figures from Sony Computer Entertainment are taking on the look from the Weapon Infomercials from Ratchet and Clank A Crack In Time. There are three sizes for each character (both Ratchet and Clank), and they are due out on Leap Day!
The Large plushes are currently on sale at £12.99 each, where the mediums are £8.99, and the small keychain plushes priced at £5.99.

To see all the plushes, hit the break.

Pre-order Ratchet - Large - Medium - Keychain
Pre-order Clank - Large - Medium - Keychain

Thanks for the tip Firehawk!

First 4 Figures opens a can of woms....

We are extremely happy to announce an agreement with Team17 Software Ltd., The Sharpe Company and AT New Media for the rights to make vinyl figures and resin statues and dioramas based on Team 17’s classic turn-based strategy game, Worms™!

The first wave of Worms™ collectibles will be previewed at this year’s upcoming Nuremberg and New York Toy Fairs, with product anticipated to come to market around July 2012. More information on the pricing and timing will be made available soon. Check out a teaser image of one of the resin dioramas planned! Can you guess what it is?

New Zelda Metal Keychain prices will probably skyrocket up to Skyloft if you don't pre-order them now

A Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time set and a Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess set of metal keychains featuring key items from both games have been released previously, and both sets are extremely hard to find and very expensive when you do.
This set from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword will feature six items from the game (though the picture shows boots?) and will most likely disappear into oblivion Skyloft if you don't pre-order now with National Console Support.
These will be released in May, and NCSX is asking $28.90 for a complete set. In a year, expect them to be about . . . $289.00 for a set.

Thanks for the tip Natendo!

Pre-order them at NCSX

Medic! Gaming Heads needs a Medic! Oh there he is!

The Medic joins the statue ranks of the Heavy and the Soldier in Gamingheads' Team Fortress 2 line of statues. This time though, the figure will not just come in red and blue Red and Blu variants, but each color will have its own variant as well. Oh my.
All of the statues will be at 1/6 scale. The regular versions will have 750 made worldwide, come with the Medi Gun, and retail at $219.99. The exclusive versions will have 350 worldwide, a Kritzkreig, and go for $234.99. The Kritzkreig will light up.

They will all be available in "Quarter 3 2012".

Click here to pre-order at Gamingheads