Tomy pulls the trigger for Mario Kart 7 pullback racers

In the world of Mario merchandise, new Mario Kart games and pullback racers go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. With the past few entries, Tomy has released pullbacks of Mario characters in the standard kart from the latest game, a tradition which will be continued with Mario Kart 7. The first batch of Mario Kart 7 racers includes Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach and Koopa. The set is scheduled to release in mid-July, but HLJ has these listed already (just not available for preorder yet).
Hopefully the future sets come with the glider and prop pieces, they need to be ready for the air and sea segments of the race, too!

Pokemon Update 5/25/12

We've got another week of ample new Pokemon merchandise for you. Here is this week's news:

-Pokemon McDonald's toys set #2
-Meleotta/Keldeo school supplies
-Catch Your Own: Pokemon anime movie stamps

Dig through the break for more info and pics.

Street Fighter's 25th Anniversary gets a special edition set for the ages

Capcom-Unity just broke the news that a 25th Anniversary set chock full of games, videos, memorabilia, and more is on its way, followed by a tournament with half a million as a prize.
Since we're a memorabilia blog, I'll tell you that the memorabilia is Ryu-focused, with a statue and a belt being the pieces included.
Head over to Capcom-Unity to get the full details of what's in the box!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Balance Game

The early stages of New Super Mario Bros. Wii have all sorts of interesting obstacles, one of which being rotating hills. The challenge in the game is now the challenge in this toy. Epoch has players trying to keep these figures on their perches to win the game. Out in Japan this June 30th.

on Amazon Japan

Mario Gashapon Unit brings the fun of buying capsule toys to your home

Like buying gashapon? You know, those toys in capsules? Putting the coin in, getting the ball, and opening it to find out what whether you got another duplicate or completed the set? Great fun. Well, now you can bring that fun in your home with a Mario theme, thanks to Epoch. This gashapon dispenser comes with little capsules to open over and over again, and has little itty bitty Mario figures to enjoy collecting. Out the 23rd of June in Japan.

on Amazon Japan

Let's take a look at the already sold out P-Body Portal Gun

Even with 5,000 units (many more than the first Portal Gun), P-body's Portal Gun from Portal 2 has sold out within a day. With orange racing stripes and lights to represent the orange bot, it's a unique piece to be sure. There is still hope for those of you who didn't snag a pre-order from the various online retailers (see the link below), as several units will be sent to so far unannounced brick-and-mortar retailers soon. Check the video of the gun after the break.

via NECA

NECA makes some noise with their new sound keychains

Sound keychains are always fun. It's a great way to take a part of your most beloved titles with you. NECA has taken four sound bytes each from Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed and Gears of War and put them into these controller-shaped keychains. Look for the display case above in stores (there should be 48 pieces, 12 of each, per case) near you.

via NECA's blog

Pokemon Update 5/18/12

A streak of little Pokemon merchandise news is broken this week as Pokemon Center releases its June lineup. Here is this week's crop:

-Pokemon Center June merchandise
-Catch Your Own: Black/White figure set

Click attack the 'Read More' button for more pics and info!

Modern Sonic screams onto the scene

What are you doing here? Jet over to First4Figures and pre-order. Or, get the exclusive version. Hurry up! You don't wanna be too slow!

Mario goes all PC with these computer accessories

Don't think Nintendo cares about PC gamers? Well, this new merchandise probably won't change your mind, but Furyu thinks that you'll want to deck out your PC with these Mario Micro SD card readers and Mouse Mats.
The Micro SD card readers are shaped like Mario pipes and have Mario and Luigi coming out of them. The bottom of the pipe has a hidden USB connection, while the actual card goes in a slot in the side of the pipe. As a bonus, the sound effect for entering the pipe will play if you get the proper batteries (which sadly aren't included). NCSX has them up for pre-order at a whopping $30.90 each.
The second items are Mouse and mouse mats sets. One green koopa shell and one red accompany mouse mats showing Mario holding a shell. Each mouse has a scroll wheel, which makes them significantly more usable than previous offerings. Still, it is a ball mouse and not an optical one. NCSX has these too, same price as the pipes ($30.90).
Both sets are due out this September.

via NCSX blog

Pokemon Update 5/11/12

A small update this week with only a couple new items, so let's get right to it.
Pokemon Center stores in Japan recently released a new Pokedoll, a chibi-style Virizion, one of the Black/White legendary Pokemon. I love the style of the Pokedoll line, and this looks like another great addition to the set. Now we just need Terrakion and Cobalion!
Now here's a new set that was recently put up on HLJ, a new set of small figures. The set features Pokemon from various generations, all in a very gleeful pose; even the likes of legendary Pokemon Heatran and Dialga are having a good time! You can nab a box of 12 random figures from HLJ for a reasonable 1620 Yen.

That's all for this week's update, check back next Friday for more Pokemon merchandise news!

Mario Kart 7 gets Choro-Q racers, track

Choro-Q has been using the Mario Kart license for years now, and it has done very well. There are the normal RC racers, and there are even some who run on tracks and use items (the karts slow down if hit by an item they get from question blocks on the track). With the release of Mario Kart 7 , Choro Q has big ambitions for their license and have introduced a new line of expensive figures and a new track.
Four new racers (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser), and a new track to race them on are coming September 27th this year. The track features a way for the racers to use that hang-glider on their kart, and it looks ingenious. Closer pics after the break.

The track
The racers

Thanks Genome!

Anyone stealing this Mega Man wallet is asking for trouble

Mega Man and Proto Man get emblazoned onto some wallets. The Mega Man wallet's sprite should have been the same size as Proto Man's much classier wallet, and then both would be spectacular. Still pretty nice set though.
July 30th this year is the date for these, and there is no pricing information yet.

Via Rockman Corner via AAA Anime

Mario Kart 7 Item Chains offer little in the way of new merchandise

Sure, several of these items are new to the Mario Kart universe, but to the merchandise universe they are old hat. With a Super Mario 3D Land set already announced that has the Super Leaf, and most of the items already appearing in the Mario Kart Wii set of item chains, there is literally nothing new here in the way of new merchandise.

But, if you don't have them in other sets . . .

via NCSX

Epoch decides another Mario tilting maze game is necessary

Both Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros.
have versions of this game, where you tilt a marble through a table of interchangeable panels. Well, Super Mario 3D Land is popular, so why not add another game to the maze's list? Looks like the different panels have different Mario art on them. Hey, is that Tanooki Toad?

Second set of Mario pocket watches brings the enemies

The first set was very exciting and classy, and the second set follows that act with a brand new set of four watches. The watches themselves look very similar, but the face designs have all changed. Two of the watches come in new brick tins, while the other two keep the Question block style. The new styles are:

  • Bowser
  • Mario and Starman
  • Mario with Bullet Bill and Piranha Plant
  • Fire Mario
  • Seen at auction on Yahoo Japan Auctions and ebay. They should run about 800 yen each, so it would be cheaper to get them from Japan. Stupid ebay.

    YJA Auction - should be cheaper as time goes on. This is one of the first auctions to feature the whole set.

    Bigger pics after the break.
    Thanks Ultramagnus!

    Three coins to commemorate three awesome RPGs coming to Europe

    The Last Story. Pandora's Tower. Xenoblade Chronicles. Three of the most amazing RPGs to come out of Japan in a long time, and they're all on the Wii. To celebrate the event of their localization in Europe, Club Nintendo is releasing three coins, one for each game, with the logo of the games on one side and iconic emblems from the games on the other.
    How do you get them? Register them as you buy them on Club Nintendo Europe. After you have all three registered, you will be sent the coins, provided supplies last.

    via Nintendo

    Video after the break.
    Thanks Firehawk!

    Pokemon Update 5/4/12

    This week's update is a little late, but we have a good amount of new merchandise to show to make up for the delay. Here's this week's new Pokemon merch:

    -Pokemon stamp merchandise
    -Pokemon Center Meloetta merchandise
    -Mini Pokemon plushes
    -Catch Your Own: Pokemon-Getter figures

    Dig past the break for more pics and info.

    Plants vs Zombies merch to shuffle into stores in late 2012/ early 2013

    PopCap Plushies!

    Not content to let Rovio steal the casual game merch spotlight, PopCap is teaming up with six different companies (including game toy veterans Jazwares and Funko) to release figures, plushes, clothing, and more based on their popular franchises. While most of the prototypes revealed revolve around the character-friendly Plants vs Zombies, there are also plans to expand to other PopCap titles such as Bejewled and Zuma.

    The full story, including images of potential merch, can be found on TOMOPOP. Jazwares also confirmed their involvement on their Facebook page earlier today.

    Source: TOMOPOP, Facebook

    Pokemon Update 4/27/12

    Unfortunately, it was yet another slow week for Pokemon merchandise, so here are just a few things available for purchase now. The stickers for the newest Pokemon movie that were previously featured are now available on AmiAmi at 3140 Yen for 20 packs; a bit expensive by AmiAmi standards. The import shop also put up a new set of Pokemon magnets in honor of the movie, which are listed at a more reasonable 1570 Yen for 20 packs.
    It's been a bit slow with Pokemon merchandise lately, but that won't stop a weekly Pokemon Update. Check back next Friday for more Pokemon merchandise news, rain or shine!