Syco releasing Klassic Mortal Kombat Kharacter statues and busts

Syco Collectibles is planning a huge line of Mortal Kombat statues and busts and is starting with fan favorites Scorpion and Sub-Zero. There are three different styles/sizes for each character, being 10" collectible statues ($164), 18" premium format statues ($300), 1:2 scale busts ($200) and some 'exclusive' statues/busts styles thrown in for good measure. According to the website, they are planning on giving many of the other characters the same treatment, so who knows how many thousands of dollars the complete set will cost. Wallet fatality!

Official press release

Nintendo Power to release "Nintendo Gaming Super Stars" Vol. 1

Nintendo Power is releasing another special edition, this time compiling the "Star Power" articles that were running the last several months in the regular magazine and throwing in some posters.

From the site:

* Includes 10 pull-out posters (5 two-sided posters.)
* Filled with fun facts about the biggest stars and coolest cult characters of Nintendo gaming.
* Stunning page layouts printed on premium paper stock.
* Irreverent and informative, an entertaining way to learn about your favorite heroes.
* Second-edition revisions and updates

Pre-order via Future US

The Really Big San Diego Comic Con 2011 Video Game Toys Post

Like video game toys do ya? Well, right now the San Diego Comic Con is the place to be, as many gaming-related figures are being revealed for the first time? If you can't make it, the place to camp is on this post, as it will be updated with info as often as it comes available.

Let's get started. See bigger pics of all the stuff in that collage, and more info, after the break!

Global Holdings localizes a few of Banpresto's Super Mario collection figures

Super Mario Wii Deluxe Figurines

Global Holdings and Banpresto are releasing Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser figurines inspired by the latter's Japanese Super Mario collection figure line (released last year). Unlike the Japanese figures, the new ones come with a plastic display case with the character's name on the base (ya know, if you happen to forget the name of that red plumber guy). According to tl2005us (a forum member), the paint jobs on these figures are very well done, which is a beacon of light for the US after many lines of lackluster Goldie figures. Expect these at your local Toys 'R Us store soon (though, they may already be stocked) at $12.99 each.
Hopefully more of the Japanese set will be localized with the quality of these four figures!

Thanks tl2005us for the photo and info, and check out more of his pics by clicking the picture above!

The Promo Press: Zelda and Mario and Heroes, oh my!

Welcome to another merch filled edition of the 'Promo Press'! Expect more Zelda merchandise, Australian preorder bonuses, and the very first limited edition Nintendo 3DS. Here's the latest news:

-Ocarina of Time 3D lanyard and gift card
-Super Mario + Mario Kart Australia preorder poster
-Heroes of Ruin limited edition 3DS

As always, jump after the break for more details and pictures!

Uncharted Nathan Drake Limited Edition vinyl figure mfg by Esc-Toy Ltd. [PREORDER]


After over a year these little punks are available for preorder now. Available in two flavors, the Erick Scarecrow "OG Colorway" edition will likely appeal to most Uncharted fans, while the Naughty Dog "ND Colorway" edition will garner the most attention on the vinyl collectible circuit.

While they haven't detailed the overall issue size for the OG Colorway which is being dubbed the "Standard Edition", the ND Exclusive will only see a production run of 500pcs worldwide.

Each are available for preorder now via ESC-TOY LTD.'s website but you can find links for each version below:

Erick Scarecrow "OG Colorway" Standard Edition Nathan Drake Vinyl Figure

Naughty Dog "ND Colorway" Limited Edition Nathan Drake Vinyl Figure (500pcs Worldwide)

  • ND_medium.jpg
  • OG_medium.jpg

Holy collector's editions, Batman: Arkham City!

WB Games is answering your bat signals with a Batman: Arkham City collector's edition which is loaded with awesome merchandise and even a few digital bonuses:

-Kotobukiya Batman statue
-Collectible artbook (what would a collector's edition be without one?)
-Batman: Arkham City soundtrack
-Four collectible cards
-DC cartoon movie Batman: Gotham Knight
-Digital Content: Dark Knight Returns skin and early access to the Iceberg Lounge challenge map

Expect these to hit retailers along side the game (October 18th) at the very reasonable price of $99.

Hide your sweets from these Om Nom plushes

A plush line for the popular Cut the Rope character Om Nom has been teased by Chillingo and the game developer ZeptoLab. There's no official details regarding the set other than the pictures released, which show three sizes and three styles (smiling, mouth open, and frowning). It's too bad there aren't plushes of the sweets from the game, what is Om Nom supposed to eat?!

Via Kotaku

You won't have to eat a ton of chocolate for this new Mario Furuta set

Furuta is taking a short break from the popular chocolate figures by releasing these Mario keychains. Each keychain features a Mario character with artwork from New Super Mario Bros. Wii on something similar to a dog tag. According to the Furuta website, these were released in February, but have not been spotted on YJA. However, this is no cause for discouragement if you are looking to snag them because the set is listed under Furuta's current products, making it possible that the set has been delayed.

Via Furuta

Angry Birds may have been way more popular than originally thought

Smell that? It's the smell of pie. Angry Birds pie. And everybody wants a piece. Evidently these dang birds are so stupid popular that now other manufacturers of plushes caught a whiff of the popularity and have begun to release their own take on the pig-killing fling-happy fowls.
Happy Birds (found at Costco), a set of four "dog toy" plushes in a box, come with three birds that share similar colors to the actual Angry Birds . . . and a purple pig.

KooKoo Birds, found at Wal-Mart, share many design similarities to the Angry Birds. Also, the timing of such a stupid plush on the cusp of the uber-popularity of the video game cannot be overlooked. Another pic of the bird after the break.

Super Mario Galaxy figures now available in dual packs

Bee Mario and Bee Mushroom, Bee Luigi and Star bunny? Sure! Rather than release the smaller items as their own blister-packaged entity and risk having them not selling at the higher price, Global Holdings is releasing some dual figure packs. We nearly have one complete set of Banpresto's smaller Super Mario Galaxy figures now, but with decreased quality in painting unfortunately.

Ausome Candies loads up on the adjectives with Super Mario Galaxy 2 Yo-Yos

Not only do the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Yo-Yos have a ‘sweet spin’, they are also filled with ’giga’-sized ‘juicy, crunchy and chewy’ candies. These Yo-Yos are Ausome’s latest Nintendo candies, featuring red or blue Yo-Yos with Super Mario Galaxy 2 artwork and filled with candy. Although they are a rehash of a previous product, at least Ausome is treating the amazing, breathtaking, and spectacular Super Mario Galaxy 2 to merchandise.
These should be appearing at Toys 'R Us, Hot Topic, and other retailers that regularly carry Mario merchandise soon.

However, you could buy a box of 12 right now through Amazon

San Diego Comic-Con exclusives available at the show and on

As in past years, Toys R Us is offering up exclusives/variant figures available only at San Diego Comic-Con and for a limited time on The game-related exclusives include a "Platinum" version of Halo's Master Chief, a glow-in-the-dark Raiden from Mortal Kombat, a flocked Sonic the Hedgehog figure (possibly a fuzzier version of last year's deluxe figure), along with a set of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Ryu and Morrigan.

For those lucky enough to attend Comic-Con, the exclusives will be available at the Toys "R" Us/Entertainment Earth Booth #2343 between July 21st and 24th. For the rest of us, we'll have to wait until these figures go up for sale on In past years, the featured figures have been available online "while supplies last."

Previews of the figures can be found online here.

Fans Cheer on the release of new San-ei Mario plushes

It looks like San-ei is planning another set of high quality Mario plushes, which could fulfill the dreams of many Mario collectors. The plushes in this set that have caused excitement for many fans are the Chain Chomp and Shy Guy plush, as there has not been an official one yet although plenty of fakes appear on eBay. Overall, this looks like a solid set with more Yoshis, 3 babies, lots of love for Luigi, Bob-omb, and a very cool Piranha Plant in pipe plush. I was really hoping for a Baby Wario or Baby DK plush (I loved them in Yoshi's Island DS), but hopefully they will be included in a future San-ei set.
There has been no official word on a release date, but hopefully these get the green light soon!

Thanks for finding the pictures, Super Peach!

Pokemon Update #1: Pokemon Center news and two Black/White merchandise sets

Here at VGMM, there is certainly a lack of posts covering Pokemon merchandise. It's not that we have anything against Pokemon, it's just that there is a ton of new merchandise coming out in Japan (and even North America) all the time, making it difficult to blog. That's where 'Pokemon Update' comes in, it's a new VGMM column in which we will feature recent Pokemon sets and merchandise and include some sites to purchase them from if we can find them.
This update includes:

-Pokemon Center Christmas 2010 plushes
-Pokemon Center 'Pokemon Musical' merchandise
-Black/White Sound Drops
-Pokeball projectors
Jump after the break for more details!

THQ Store selling Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Collector's Edition

Collector's editions seem to be all the rage these days with more and more games receiving the treatment. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is joining in on the fun with a collector's edition that includes some cool swag and, of course, the game (PC, 360, or PS3). Here's what is included in the box:

-25 foil info cards that feature the main characters and gameplay hints
-Art book
-Purity seal, which is a replica of the seal worn by Titus in the game

Preorder at the THQ Store for $99.99 (releases on September 6th).

Thanks for the info, sarshelyam!

Resident Evil 15th Anniversary box set satifies both the gamer and collector

To celebrate the series' 15th anniversary, Capcom is releasing a Resident Evil (or Biohazard as it is called in Japan) box set that is infected with 4 games and some merchandise. All of the games are for PS2 and PS3 and come in special cases, and include Resident Evil: Director's Cut, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Last Escape and Resident Evil: Revival Selection, which is an HD remake of RE4 and Code: Veronica. In the swag department, this box set has Code: Veronica and Resident Evil 4 soundtracks, S.T.A.R.s and Umbrella Corporation pins and stickers and a Resident Evil 5 'spacer' (which might just mean that there is room in the box for RE5). This will be released on September 8 and will be exclusive to Japan through the E-Capcom shop for ¥7,800 (about $96); not bad!

Via Kotaku

T-ARTS adds steam to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii merch train with digital watches

T-ARTS is releasing another set of watches, this time for the merchandise powerhouse New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The set consists of 5 digital watches, each with their own unique color for the wristbands, Mario object for the cover, and game artwork featuring Mario for the face of the watch. These will be appearing in Japanese Gacha machines in August (200 Yen each), so look out for import shops stocking these soon.

Via et-c (a Gacha machine/capsules seller)

UbiShop kicks off Ubicollectible line with Ezio and Michael figurines

The UbiShop recently put up new 'limited-edition premium' figurines of Ezio from Assassin's Creed and Michael from Might & Magic Heroes VI. The figurines will be released in limited quantities, 2000 pieces for Ezio and only 500 pieces for Michael, but should still be available for preorder. These figurines mark the start of the Ubicollectibles line, which are (unfortunately) exclusive to European customers. Ubisoft has announced that more figures are to come (Rayman, anyone?), so stay tuned for more updates!
Click after the break for more pictures.

Via Kotaku

The Promo Press: Ocarina of Time 3D promos pile up and map out your Skyrim quests

Welcome to another edition of the 'Promo Press' and we got the scoop on the Skyrim preorder bonus and new Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D promos will be covered.

Here's what is in this edition:
-Ocarina of Time 3D hat and pin reprint
-Skyrim 'premium map'