Boo light says, "BOO!"

This Boo light from Taito measures a little over 6 inches tall and runs on just two batteries. It turns on when it senses motion . . . but shouldn't it be the one light that shuts off when it sees you?! I suppose the function trumps the form here . . . in a sense. It's surprising that there isn't a whole host of characters coming out, as there are more than a few illuminated options in Mario's Universe. Perhaps if this sells well we'll see a Starman, Fire Flower, Yellow Yoshi (SMG2), Glow/Light block, or even Watt or a Shine Sprite.
The Boo light will ship in July this year, and is available for pre-order for $25.90 from

Angry Birds fly to planet plushie

Angry Birds Space just entered our atmosphere, so you'd better be ready for the Rovio merchandising department to flood all available outlets with new goods. For right now, these six new space-influenced plushes are only available on the Rovio Store. The plushes come in four sizes and prices:
5 inches: $15.99
8 inches: $19.99
12 inches: $37.99
16 inches: $74.99

So, if you want to pay for one plush that costs 75x as much as the game it originates from . . . be my guest.

via Tomopop

Pokemon Update 3/23/12

Not too much this week, but Black and White 2 merchandise so soon after announcement is a standout. Check out this week's offerings:

-Pokemon Black/White 2 Kyurem merchandise
-Meloetta plush
-Catch Your Own: More new puzzles

Fly past the break for more pics and info.

Inflatable Portal Turret is ready to dispense product

It doesn't hate you. Heck, this version of the Portal turret may be more huggable than the plush. Standing 40 inches tall, this life-size icon of test chamber death is ready to guard all entry and exit points. Just don't knock it over.
$24.99 is the asking price

@ ThinkGeek

Let Luigi store your 3DS. He keeps it in his hat

I don't necessarily equate Luigi's hat with a good spot to keep expensive electronics, but Nintendo hopes to change my mind with this new product. Mario's previously released hat holds the DS (specifically a DS Lite, as it barely hold the DS "phat"), but doesn't hold a 3DS. Luigi's covers that role, and for 450 points, you can get it from Club Nintendo.

Club Nintendo

Pokemon Update 3/16/12

This week's Pokemon Update has a whole bunch of charms and a bit more. Check out everything in this week's update:

-Pokemon Rumble Blast charms
-Pokemon Global Link charms
-Black/White figure straps
-'Catch Your Own': R/C Oshawott

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The second set of Mario bath bombs re-released to make bath time more fun again

I've seen these things called a lot of things in my time collecting. Bath bombs, bath fizzers, bath balls, scented bathing drops, bath plops, fizz orbs. Regardless of what they're called, a second set of them has appeared for pre-order on AmiAmi. They call it Super Mario Ofuro de Pon! PART2 BOX (Bathing Toy). The toys come encased in a dissolving, scented ball that fizzes out when placed in water and then reveals the figure.
The first set isn't exactly known for its high quality, but at least the characters are fun this time. Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Boo, Bullet Bill, an a 1-up. I was expecting a Blooper, though. The set was released last year at this time. Guess they didn't want to do a third set.

Kid Icarus Soundtrack Available at Club Nintendo Japan

I've always loved officially released video game soundtracks, but I often wish they would be so much more than they are. Typically, the soundtrack has only selected tracks, or says it's complete but than misses several smaller themes.
If I know anything about Masahiro Sakurai, I'd be very surprised if all of the music from Kid Icarus Uprising fits on a single disc, but this is how it works and this is how it's been done by Nintendo for some time. The disc will have 25 tracks, holding about 60 minutes of music. It is also interesting to note that the sound quality on disc will exceed that of the 3DS.
The CD is available to Japanese folks who register the game for 250 points, and it's 400 if you decide not to get the game.
Not many Nintendo soundtracks have hit US shores, or any others besides Japan's for that matter, but we can always hope for a release, even if it's incomplete.

via Adriasang

K'NEX adds some more length to their Mario Kart Wii track

The Mario Kart Wii license is working for K'NEX. So much so that they are adding new tracks, karts, and characters to the mix this September.
Toad, Diddy Kong, and Donkey Kong join on karts and bikes; Wario slides in on a track with a Penguin; Yoshi, Luigi, and Bowser get new vehicles; and there are more tracks to explore as well.
There is also an "Ultimate" track building kit with the highest price tag yet (MSRP $119.99) with all sorts of gimmicks and traps.
Links to all the products after the break.

Play pit crew with these Mario Kart 7 mini-puzzles

Ensky is releasing more Mario Kart 7 puzzles, this time a bit smaller. Each of these puzzles consist of 56 pieces and features some stunning Mario Kart 7 artwork. I'm really loving all the cast artwork this set uses, especially the one used with the botton-right puzzle!
Preorder a box of 8 at AmiAmi for 2010 Yen.

The many styles of 3D Land Mario soon to be in figure form

Just like the past few Mario games, 3D Land is getting a figure keychain set with Mario showing off his new/returning suits and power-ups that appear in the game. The set contains only six figures, containing Boomerang Suit, Tanooki Suit, Propeller Box, Statue, and plain ol' Mario (small and normal size).
Now all we need is a Luigi version of this set!

Pokemon Update 3/9/12

I still can' believe how often Pokemon merchandise is released, with this week featuring four new sets. This is the week's offerings:

-Black/White Element Trio plushes
-Black/White metal tokens/figures
-Shiny Rayquaza merchandise
-Catch Your Own: Black/White magnets

'Read More' was added to key items - click it for more pics and info.

Kitsune Luigi Plush from Sanei coming in June

Japanese toy manufactuer Sanei has started preorders for a 'Kitsune Mario' plush which hails from the Nintendo 3DS Super Mario 3D Land game. Two sizes are available for preorder - a Small Kitsune Mario which measures 24cm (9.44") tall and a Medium Kitsune Mario which towers 33cm in (12.99") height. Reservations are welcome to ship in June 2012.

Preorder here

Via GoNintendo

Mario Kart Wii RC goes BIG, comes to the states

Do you remember those big NKOK Mario RCs from the Gamecube era that had the Gamecube Controller Remotes? There was a Mario, a Yoshi, and a DK.
Goldie International has taken the idea of the above racers and given them a Mario Kart Wii facelift, along with a much better sculpt . . . and minus DK. Different from these little ones from Goldie, and this recent release, but a similar style and much larger. I find the grip controller odd, as it would almost make more sense to model it after the Wii Remote, but those grips are all the rage right now.
These were found at a Costco for $69.99. A closer pic after the break, along with Mario's pal Yoshi.

Pokemon Update 3/2/12

The 'Three Musketeers' Pokemon and Kyurem movie merchandise has been trending lately, and that trend continues! Here are this week's offerings:

-Kyurem/Three Musketeers Figure Straps
-Keldeo/Kyurem Movie Diorama Figures
-'Catch Your Own' - Mini-Puzzles

Click 'Read More' for more pics and info, along with the 'Catch Your Own' feature.

Fire Emblem gets a special edition 3DS

This color is Cobalt blue and is being sold exclusively through Nintendo Japan's online store for ¥19,800. Add this to the growing list of systems we'll never see in the States.


Monopoly takes it to the 'Street'

USAopoly has announced their latest video game themed board game - Street Fighter Monopoly! The game will feature Street Fighter themed properties, artwork and tokens, but the fans will be able to have some say in who makes the cut. Capcom-Unity is holding a poll with 12 character options, with the top 6 becoming the tokens for the game.
Vote here.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland LE 3DS

Due out May 31st for ¥24,980, ~$310, or ~231 EUR. As is any other regions will see a release of this is still to be determined.

Sweet Tooth riding into GameStops

For a not-too-shabby $29.99, Gamestop will outfit you with this oddly boxed Sweet Tooth RC truck. The truck is a replica from the recently released Twisted Metal on PS3. Look for it near the registers or wherever they cleverly hide the gaming merchandise. Ebay scammers have already started selling these for $50, so apparently these are worth a lot more than what Gamestop is selling them for . . . or not.

Pokemon Update 2/24/12

A whole lot of Keldeo is hitting Japan in honor of the WiFi distribution event for the Pokemon. Check out this week's merch:

-Pokemmon Center Keldeo merchandise
-Banpresto Keldeo merchandise

Pics, info and the new 'Catch Your Own' feature right after the break.