Second set of Mario pocket watches brings the enemies

The first set was very exciting and classy, and the second set follows that act with a brand new set of four watches. The watches themselves look very similar, but the face designs have all changed. Two of the watches come in new brick tins, while the other two keep the Question block style. The new styles are:

  • Bowser
  • Mario and Starman
  • Mario with Bullet Bill and Piranha Plant
  • Fire Mario
  • Seen at auction on Yahoo Japan Auctions and ebay. They should run about 800 yen each, so it would be cheaper to get them from Japan. Stupid ebay.

    YJA Auction - should be cheaper as time goes on. This is one of the first auctions to feature the whole set.

    Bigger pics after the break.
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    Three coins to commemorate three awesome RPGs coming to Europe

    The Last Story. Pandora's Tower. Xenoblade Chronicles. Three of the most amazing RPGs to come out of Japan in a long time, and they're all on the Wii. To celebrate the event of their localization in Europe, Club Nintendo is releasing three coins, one for each game, with the logo of the games on one side and iconic emblems from the games on the other.
    How do you get them? Register them as you buy them on Club Nintendo Europe. After you have all three registered, you will be sent the coins, provided supplies last.

    via Nintendo

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    Pokemon Update 5/4/12

    This week's update is a little late, but we have a good amount of new merchandise to show to make up for the delay. Here's this week's new Pokemon merch:

    -Pokemon stamp merchandise
    -Pokemon Center Meloetta merchandise
    -Mini Pokemon plushes
    -Catch Your Own: Pokemon-Getter figures

    Dig past the break for more pics and info.

    Plants vs Zombies merch to shuffle into stores in late 2012/ early 2013

    PopCap Plushies!

    Not content to let Rovio steal the casual game merch spotlight, PopCap is teaming up with six different companies (including game toy veterans Jazwares and Funko) to release figures, plushes, clothing, and more based on their popular franchises. While most of the prototypes revealed revolve around the character-friendly Plants vs Zombies, there are also plans to expand to other PopCap titles such as Bejewled and Zuma.

    The full story, including images of potential merch, can be found on TOMOPOP. Jazwares also confirmed their involvement on their Facebook page earlier today.

    Source: TOMOPOP, Facebook

    Pokemon Update 4/27/12

    Unfortunately, it was yet another slow week for Pokemon merchandise, so here are just a few things available for purchase now. The stickers for the newest Pokemon movie that were previously featured are now available on AmiAmi at 3140 Yen for 20 packs; a bit expensive by AmiAmi standards. The import shop also put up a new set of Pokemon magnets in honor of the movie, which are listed at a more reasonable 1570 Yen for 20 packs.
    It's been a bit slow with Pokemon merchandise lately, but that won't stop a weekly Pokemon Update. Check back next Friday for more Pokemon merchandise news, rain or shine!

    Mario Computer Accessories tame your cords and blast your tunes

    A new Goomba speaker can hook up to your computer to play your audio, and some koopa shells can keep your cords short and out of the way. The Goomba has multiple inputs, and the koopa shell diagram shows them opening up to hold the cord. Both items come from Taito and are set to ship this August.

    Goomba Speaker - $26.90
    Koopa Shell Cord Stocker - $5.50 each

    via NCSX

    Pokemon Update 4/20/12

    We only have a few new pieces of Pokemon merchandise for this week, but here they are:

    -Pokemon 15th Anniversary tote bag
    -Black/White 2 Japan preorder bonus
    -Catch Your Own: Reshiram and Zekrom plushes

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    Club Nintendo Australia gets new items

    To celebrate the 4th anniversary of Club Nintendo we have introduced new items to the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue.

    Golden Nunchuk

    Stars: 3000

    Go gold with Club Nintendo's exclusive "Gold" edition Nunchuk. A perfect companion for your Wii Remote.

    *Stock for this item is limited

    Nintendo 3DS Pouch : Mario Hat / Luigi Hat

    Stars: 1300 each

    A soft pouch for storing your Nintendo 3DS console in the iconic style of Mario's or Luigi's hat.

    Also fits Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DS (does not fit Nintendo DSi XL).

    Club Nintendo is Nintendo's loyalty programme, which you can join by registering Nintendo products. By registering products, Club Nintendo members start collecting Stars, which can be exchanged for goodies in our Stars Catalogue.

    All items are subject to availability.

    Hopefully this means other regions will get the golden nunchuk also.


    Pokemon Update 4/13/12

    Yet another slow week for Pokemon merchandise, so here's something that has already released and is available for purchase. Bandai has been releasing many sets of Black/White small figures, and this is the latest in the line. The set contains Pikachu and 13 of the Unova region Pokemon, including Sawk, Simisage and Vanilluxe. Boxes of 20 of the figures are currently on backorder at AmiAmi, but you should be able to snag a box if you place the order soon.

    Hopefully next week brings some new Pokemon merchandise for next Friday's update!

    Pokemon Update 4/6/12

    There was a big Pokemon announcement this past week with Pokemon Conquest coming stateside! There was also a couple new merchandise reveals, including:

    -Pokemon Stickers
    -Pokemon Fan Keychains
    -Catch Your Own: 3D Pikachu Puzzle

    Click attack the 'Read More' button for more pics and info.

    Club Nintendo goes Polo

    Club Nintendo Japan Polo shirts, 550 points each. Mario, Zelda, DK, Animal Crossing, Game & Watch styles, with various colors to choose from to put the logos on.

    Club Nintendo

    Pokemon Update 3/30/12

    This week brought no new Pokemon merchandise news, but here is something available now. Bandai has recently released a 'Plamo Collection' of Pokemon Black and White figures, including the Kyurem seen above. HLJ currently has a wide variety of these Plamo figures available, including Victini, Reshiram and Pikachu; all for 600-800 Yen.

    Hopefully next week will have a full update's worth of new merchandise for next Friday.

    Kirby gets new plush ability!

    One good turn deserves another, and SK Japan believes just that. The previous set appears to have sold well enough for a secon set to be produced. The last set had zippers and secret compartments, whereas these just seem to be plushes. They released in Japan this month, and you can get the set here or wait for your favorite import shop to get them in.

    Stickers, cards, holographic keychains and a stylus set change Super Mario 3D Land merchandise trickle to a flood

    We all knew it was coming. Some of us boarded windows and bought bottled water, but are we truly prepared for what is now here? The Super Mario 3D Land flood of merchandise is truly underway, and there's no telling when it will stop!
    Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. has unleashed some trading cards and candy, as well as a stylus set, upon us. The cards, like any good card set, have rarer plastic cards featuring characters from the game. The stylus set features six of the same stylus style we have seen before in several previous sets, and has dangly character whatsits to distinguish one from another for collectability. Both the cards and the stylus set are out now.
    Bandai has released some holographic keychains that have front and back designs that change by altering the viewing angle. There are six in the set and they can be viewed from all angles after the break.
    Furuta has added some nameplates to the flood. These items are akin to dog tags with Mario art on them. They also come with candy! Why not?! These released last month in cases of ten, with the full set having eight designs.
    Ensky offered some stickers, but they aren't garden-variety stickers. They are thick rubbery stickers. There is one of these stickers and a piece of candy in a box, and a case has twelve boxes. It doesn't say how many designs there are.
    All of these items can be viewed in larger detail after the break. Be careful out there, collectors!

    Want more Mario pouches? You got 'em!

    The world has no shortage of Mario pouches, but they must sell because several companies keep churning them out. A set of new plastic pouches featuring four designs will be available late this May in Japan from Ensky. You can buy a case of eight here.
    The pouches' dimensions are 110mmx80mm, or a little over 4"x3".

    Mario Kart 7 gets a set of round zipper tin cases as well

    Just like the two games before it, Mario Kart 7 is getting a set of round zipper tin cases. They come with candy, too.
    Furuta will release these on April 18th in Japan, and you can pre-order a case of 10 here. The set supposedly has four designs, with a common design on the back of all four. Odd that there would be less designs this time, but perhaps they aren't going after each character this time and just showing game art, as evidenced by the example on the set sheet.
    It appears that these are slightly different based on the set sheet, as the older tins are metal on the inside. They look painted to show white.
    I'm still not sure how large these are or what they could hold. If anyone has one, make a comment!

    Modern Sonic coming soon from First 4 Figures

    No news as to when preorders start, but given their usual schedule it will probably happen on a Tuesday.

    Since this is a new line of figures, be sure to get up early to get a low number as they're given out on a first come, first served basis.

    Via F4F's blog

    Boo light says, "BOO!"

    This Boo light from Taito measures a little over 6 inches tall and runs on just two batteries. It turns on when it senses motion . . . but shouldn't it be the one light that shuts off when it sees you?! I suppose the function trumps the form here . . . in a sense. It's surprising that there isn't a whole host of characters coming out, as there are more than a few illuminated options in Mario's Universe. Perhaps if this sells well we'll see a Starman, Fire Flower, Yellow Yoshi (SMG2), Glow/Light block, or even Watt or a Shine Sprite.
    The Boo light will ship in July this year, and is available for pre-order for $25.90 from

    Angry Birds fly to planet plushie

    Angry Birds Space just entered our atmosphere, so you'd better be ready for the Rovio merchandising department to flood all available outlets with new goods. For right now, these six new space-influenced plushes are only available on the Rovio Store. The plushes come in four sizes and prices:
    5 inches: $15.99
    8 inches: $19.99
    12 inches: $37.99
    16 inches: $74.99

    So, if you want to pay for one plush that costs 75x as much as the game it originates from . . . be my guest.

    via Tomopop

    Pokemon Update 3/23/12

    Not too much this week, but Black and White 2 merchandise so soon after announcement is a standout. Check out this week's offerings:

    -Pokemon Black/White 2 Kyurem merchandise
    -Meloetta plush
    -Catch Your Own: More new puzzles

    Fly past the break for more pics and info.