Never shake a baby, unless it's on the end of a stylus

$9.99 at Target. Each. I've always wondered why styli are so danged expensive, especially at retail. Baby Peach is also available. From PowerA.


Another balance game, but for Luigi this time

We've seen one before, but didn't you feel like they left someone out? Well, I did too, so I'm glad to see Luigi and the Yellow Toad get his own balance game stage. Odd that Spike appears in both . . . isn't it?


First4Figures teases Ganondorf

The Dark Lord is coming, says F4F's Facebook page. It is the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess version, so it will most likely been in scale with that already impressively large scale.

Pokemon Update 7/6/12

A small Pokemon Update this week with a new set and something to buy.

-Pokedex Keychains
-Catch Your Own: Pikachu 3DS Pouch

Dig through the break for more pics and info!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 receive some golden pre-order bonuses

If you're looking for real gold, you should go elsewhere (or play the game), but both Gamestop (USA)and GAME (UK) have announced pre-order bonuses for reserving the game. Gamestop has posted official art of Gold Flower Mario, saying that a pin will resemble that art. GAME will have a necklace featuring a gold coin case that replicates the in-game coins. It doesn't really give a size reference to show what you can store in the case, but my guess is it's 3DS cartridge size.

via Gametrailers

Club Nintendo USA reveals its Platinum and Gold prizes

Gold and Platinum prizes are posters and playing cards this year.
Set of three new posters featuring promotional art from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Kid Icarus: Uprising
Set of Mario-themed playing cards

Poster featuring artwork of Wii U launch software like Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U

Another calendar was released as well, and you can choose from several digitally distributed games as well, including The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

via GoNintendo

Super Mario 3D Land gets a stationary set

The third set of Mario stationary features scenes and art from Super Mario 3D Land, and includes some of the same item types as the previous sets from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Two pens, two pads of paper, stamps, and character erasers. This set also contains what appears to be a marker and a 1up hole puncher. If anyone can confirm that, comment here.

Worms 2 Armageddon Diorama Statue from First4Figures

The first of the statues created from First4Figures' new license, Worms, is available for purchase now at the F4F website. It perfectly captures the feel of the series' comic violence, with two signature worms battling it out with large guns (Uzi and Shotgun). Did you notice the grenade as well? Team17 will be proud, I suspect. The diorama will retail at $220 and is slated for an early 2013 release. 425 pieces worldwide as well, making it one of the most exclusive statues that F4F has produced.

via First4Figures

Mario Air Hockey table and Reverse 10

An air hockey set already exists and came out late last year, but a new set with a table top rink is slated for release in mid-September, along with a multi-board game set featuring Mario characters.
Someone at Epoch is stuck on hockey, but it is also nice to see them release another board game set. One was released back in the Super Mario World era, but wasn't nearly as cool as this.

Thanks Genome!

Air Hockey
Reverse 10

Club Nintendo Japan goes Kirby crazy, and more cards

A cushion, a pin set chronicling all the games, a plush pouch, and a set of circular playing cards mark the 20th anniversary of the pink puffball. I can't understand it, really. Sure, everyone loves Kirby, but if this level of stuff was released for Zelda's 25th fans would have been passing out. And don't get me started on Mario's 25th or even Metroid's! Oh well. We should be happy with what we do get, and this is great for Kirby fans. The pins are an especially nice item.
Unfortunately, these aren't just redeemable items, they're raffle items for registering Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby Return to Dreamland, Kirby's Dream Collection. Register them, and be placed in a CHANCE to win them, meaning they will be very expensive on auction sites.

Closer pics after the break.

Oh yeah, and there are also some Kirby cards coming out for retail. it the jump for pics. AmiAmi has them up for 810yen each.

Club Nintendo Japan

Red Rooster doing a fast food toy promotion with Sonic the Hedgehog

I love it when game promotions involve outdoor toys or activity-driven objects like frisbees and balls, especially when coming out of a fast food establishment. It essentially contradicts what video games try to get kids to do, but I suppose they have to offset that "couch potato" mentality somehow. The Red Rooster promotion for Sonic the Hedgehog has several little cups, a memory card game, a pencil case, a bouncy ball, and a "expandable flyer". By the way, Red Rooster is native to Australia, so if you don't live there and want this stuff, you might try enlisting one of our Aussie forum members to import it.

Red Rooster

Ni No Kuni gets a Collector's Edition

I know you're all looking at the Drippy plush in the photo. Your little lantern-nosed companion is just one of the great items in this "Wizard's Edition" of the No Ni Kuni collector set. There is also the customary DLC and the game, and a 300 page spell book that houses art and strategies for the game.
Coming January 22nd for $100.

via Kotaku

Hey Ezio! Watch where you point that thing! (Assassin's Creed Gauntlet)

This "role-playing" hidden blade gauntlet from NECA, worn by Ezio Auditore of Assassin's Creed fame, may raise some eyebrows in the concealed weapon department. These will be sold exclusively for $40 at Gamestop in the US, but is much less exclusive internationally (damn you Gamestop), and will release alongside Assassin's Creed III on October 30th this year. Add them to the already impressive line of official AC cosplay items available from NECA.

via NECA

Pokemon Update 6/29/12

It's a pretty eventful few weeks for Pokemon fans in Japan with the Black/White 2 release and the new Pokemon movie hitting theaters. And you know what that means...a whole lot of merch! Here is this week's offerings:

-Pokemon Movie promos
-Catch Your Own: Toy Pokemon airplanes

The Pokeradar senses more pics and info after the break!

New Mario Kart 7 merchandise is a bit shaky

Remember those New Super Mario Bros. Wii shaker figures? Well Mario Kart 7 is getting the same treatment with a set of six which features items from the game in front of a screenshot depicting the chaos they cause in the game. The set includes Golden Mushroom, Bob-Omb, Bullet Bill, Power Leaf and Blooper for items, but the highlight is definitely Mario with wrench. What a unique sculpt!

Sounds like Kirby anniversary festivities are in full swing with new soundtrack

Nintendo sure loves celebrating anniversaries, don't they? Nintendo is kicking off their Kirby festivities the same way they initiated Zelda's: with a soundtrack of the latest game. Japanese fans will be able to get their hands on a Kirby's Return to Dreamland soundtrack containing 45 tracks for 400 Club Nintendo points. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for release outside of Japan, and does seem unlikely as Club Nintendo soundtracks rarely make their way stateside. But I guess only time will tell!

Wild Arms D-Arts figures coming soon

Standing at about 5 1/2 inches, the figure set includes parts for the Vanishing Buster state, Knight Fencer sword, special rocky ledge accessory, characteristic scarf, and replaceable hands. Set to be released sometime next month.

Oddly enough, this is coming from Wild Arms 2 instead of the original. Seeing as it's sold out already on AmiAmi and Hobby Link Japan, I hope this is not the only one in the series.

Are you still there? Oh! There you are! Gamingheads announces the Aperture Science Turret

A statue. With lights. And sounds. And motion sensors. This is as close to a real Aperture Science Turret as money can buy. The regular version lacks the sound, but the light turns on when something moves in front of it. The exclusive version plays five different turret sound bytes from the games. There are 750 of the regular ($299), and 350 of the exclusive ($325) worldwide. Both are coming Q4 2012.
Don't forget the coupon code

Thanks silvernite8!

Pokemon Update 6/22/12

A slow week for Pokemon merchandise news, so it's only the 'Catch Your Own' portion this week. Up for sale are these Meloetta figures, one for each form of the legendary event Pokemon. The figures are available for preorder over at HLJ (green, orange) for only 264 Yen each. If that isn't enough Meloetta for you, you can also preorder the Meloetta plush that was previously covered for 960 Yen.
That's all for this week's update, check back next weekend for more Pokemon merchandise news!

San-ei knows it's Kirby's birthday soon

Nintendo is releasing a 20th anniversary Kirby collection on Wii, and San-ei wants a piece of that pie. Hitting stores next month is a bevy of Kirby-themed storage items. There is one cushion in there though. Maybe it has a hidden pocket to store more stuff?

via tikisaurus