Only three months left in the VGMM 2011 Contribupoints Contest

October. November. December. At the stroke of midnight Dec. 31st 2011, the Video Game Memorabilia Museum's 2011 Contribupoints Contest will be decided. Since its announcement, over 2500 items have been added to the database. I wonder how many more will be added in the last three months of the contest to try to trump other members, but I'll definitely be watching closely. It's been exciting so far.
I've been holding off adding things to make room for other member's points, but it's been tough not filling my own database!
A small detail has been clarified as well, as a monthly prize for the month of December will not occur due to the grand prizes being delved out instead. I wanted to clarify before receiving questions on that.
Also, prizes may take some time to go out, as I will have to verify the winner's uploads for each of the prize ranks.
All contest details here.
Good luck to all that are participating!

Final Fantasy does Bed, Bath . . . and Beyond

Come mid-November, Square-Enix will bring the joy of having a Chocobo, Moogle, or Cactaur wash you, rest your head, or hold your monies.
The staple Final Fantasy characters will each appear on some hand towels, but Cactaur totally gets snubbed when it comes to the coin cases and the cushions. Well, who would want to sleep on a cactus anyway? A person who loves irony, that's who! Oh well . . .
The coin cases will be ¥950 (~$12), the cushions will be ¥3,200 (~$42), and the hand towels will be ¥850 (~$11).
You can pre-order at a discount at AmiAmi.
More pics of all the products, including fronts and backs, after the break.

Angry Birds get a little creepy for Halloween

It's that time of year again. Time to dress up like a total buffoon on Halloween because you like a game. Rovio has you MORE than covered on that front by releasing Angry Birds masks and costumes. $50 will get you a costume of your favorite colored bird (in either adult of child size), and $30 will get you a mask of that bird (but it's more like a plush bird helmet). You can even dress your baby as a bird or pig for $25. A whole family theme could be pulled off forced upon you!
In other, more sane, news, a Halloween-themed plush set of three birds and a pig in traditional costumes can be purchased for $60.
Bigger pics of all of the new stuff after the break.

Cases and bags o' plenty for Mario fans with a 3DS . . . and some styli

Sanei Trading is releasing some cases and bags for the 3DS, some cloth and some plastic, with a Mario theme in late November 2011.
The Mario and Yoshi cases will be ¥1380, Mario and Bowser bags will be ¥1680 each, the Mushroom and Coin Block card cases will be ¥980 each, and the styli will retail for ¥600 each.
All are now available for pre-order for the normal markdown at AmiAmi and Hobby Link Japan.
You may also see some Mario 3DS stickers that were just announced in the stores when you visit. The images I found were too small to show here on the blog. Those will be ¥600 a pack as well.
Hit the break for larger photos. Even though they're jagged and condensed to all get out (not my doing). Heh.
Thanks Genome for the tip!

The Tales series is getting a merch flood

This Luke fon Fabre statue figure from Alter's ALTAiR line comes with two heads, and we finally see him painted. He will be released in 2012, but it's too early to find pre-order info or other details.
There are some plushes of Flynn and Rita from Tales of Vesperia that released starting today as well.

For even more stuff, like figure packs, towels, and more, go to this thread in the forums from Sleepy Snake. Thanks Sleepy!

Rayman Origins receives a Collector's Edition [PS3/360]


This premium package is currently scheduled for release in Europe only, Ubisoft has not confirmed plans for a release in other regions.

Contents include a 3D "Pop-up" Collectible Box, Soundtrack, and a 64-page artbook. Pricing is currently set at 64.99 Euros ($87.67 USD) for a November 15th release.

  • ps3_62.jpg

Triforce of Zelda Anniversar​y points cards feature stunning artwork

In honor of Zelda's 25th anniversary, Nintendo has released special edition points cards in Japan and North America. There are three designs; Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, and a gorgeous artwork featuring the many Links of the series (I counted 16). According to the anniversary site, North American retailers will sell two of these designs (of course we miss out on the Links one) from October to February.
I can't imagine that Nintendo made that stunning piece of Links artwork solely for the points card, so hopefully we will see it on future pieces of anniversary merch. Give us posters!

Sexy metal commemorates 25 years of Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest continues its celebration of 25 years going strong with these new metal items. In late October this year, Square-Enix will be releasing a Metallic Monsters Gallery full of gold slimes, and Slime keychain with the 25th anniversary logo engraved on the back. Nifty. You can get them here (slimes) and here (keychain).

Nintendo World Report shows us game merch from the Tokyo Game Show

The Nintendo World Report has an article up about the swag and art they saw at the Tokyo Game Show. So . . . what are you waiting for? There is stuff from Dragon Quest, Sonic, Capcom titles, and more, so go have a look!

The 20-years-at-Nintendo gift is a Mario Oscar

Kotaku has a story up about a Mario Oscar given to an employee, Jerry Danson (Senior Manager of Systems and Engineering), that was awarded this Mario Oscar after 20 years of service to Nintendo.
The Oscar in question will be the third variation of the award that VGMM has seen. To see the other versions and the discussion of them, hit the break.

So, what's the big secret with these Rockman Dot Straps anyway?

These two images have been tantalizing collectors ever since they were released. TWO secrets? You only get ONE per box? Sheesh.
Slowly pictures of these secrets have released online, and I have compiled them. Apart from what we can see in the images above, there are EIGHT other figures to collect in this collection.
To see them, click "Read More".

First 4 Figures reveals the exclusive version of the Link on Epona statue

From First 4 Figures:

The exclusive edition of Link on Epona has been made in celebration for the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series, crafted in an eye catching timeless faux bronze finish.

The reception of this statue has been mixed, with the "Gold Faced Link" being the thing most often cited so far. An odd interpretation for sure, but a visually interesting one. I wonder how they chose the colors.
Prices were also revealed today. First 4 Figures has now announced its most expensive statue ever, having the normal version priced at $424.99, and the exclusive at $449.99. Discount coupons are available via this page until October 20th 2011. Tentative release is Q2 2012.
Normal version picture after the break.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii gets its own Blister Pack Keychain Set

Back in the days of Super Mario 64, a blister pack set of figures was released by Yujin. Now, a similar collection is set to release from the modern day New Super Mario Bros. Wii characters.
We have seen all of these characters before in many forms throughout the tsunami of NSMBWii-related goods, but the presentation is a nice harkening back to the simpler forms of swag found in the back catalog of Mario merchandise.
Pre-order them here or here. More retailers may pick them up before their scheduled release of December 2011.
Thanks Genome!

More Stuff Boards the Mega Man Merchandise Train, including a Plush Buster and Helmet

All Mega man games slated for this year have been canned. How will they possibly ever make up for it? Well, allowing merchandisers to release loads of merch is a decent start! Seriously though, let's make some Mega Man games Capcom.
A plush Mega Buster and Helmet are on the calendar for release near the very end of December. At the same time, another 8-bit keychain from the classic series(Rush), and a classic art Mega Man keychain are coming. From the Mega Man X series a messenger bag, iPhone case, and wallet are coming, and even Mega Man Powered Up has a patch, charm, and wristband slated.
Much of the pricing from this round is TBA, but you can check out more info at

The Promo Press: Do a barrel roll over new merchandise

Quite a few new promos have been tracked down in the past few weeks and we've got a loaded edition of the Promo Press prepared. This update is sure to please many fans with new Star Fox, Zelda, Mario and even Bit.Trip promos. Here's what we've got:

-Starfox 64 3D and Bit.Trip preorder bonuses
-Club Nintendo UK update
-Zelda Gamescom merch

Read more after the break!

First 4 Figures announces Link on Epona

First 4 Figures announced today on their Facebook page that the third in line for their The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess "Master Arts" range of Centerpieces would be Link on Epona.
Pre-orders begin Tuesday, September 20th on their website. There will even be a live countdown on their Facebook page.
The figure will not be in the 1/4 scale like the previous installments in the Twilight Princess line, and will be more along the size of the Ocarina of Time Link statue.

Desktop Gremlins brings official Namco Bandai papercrafts to your tables

Like Namco Bandai licenses? Like FREE official merchandise? Sure you do, and Desktop Gremlins can make you happy today by satisfying both. They have released some free pdfs for downloading and printing, with simple instructions to make your own little standee displays for four of Namco Bandai's most popular licenses.
Dark Souls
Soul Calibur V
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

via Gamepro

Monster Hunter 3G on 3DS gets special edition with goodies

Monster Hunter couldn't be bigger in Japan. Nintendo just snagged the series for the 3DS, both 3G and 4. To get people even more excited about both, special edition bundles have been announced for release on December 10 for various budgets.
For more info on what these various bundles include, and to pre-order (via proxy of course), head over to the Monster Hunter Tri 3G e-Capcom page.

Previously released Mario cases redesigned to allow 3DS to fit

Seen these before? Good. Did you wish that they had come in the right size for a 3DS? Well, wish granted! These are due out on October 27th in Japan. The Mario and Luigi cases will be 1,800yen (~$23), and the denim mushroom case will be 2,000yen (~$26). We'll probably see them a month later.

via Famitsu

Mega Man gets beat up by the Robot Masters of Mega man 2 in the third Dot Strap Collection

In January next year, the eight robot masters from Mega Man 2 will be unleashed upon the world . . . in dot strap form. Rockman Dot Strap Collection Vol. 3 will be another set of ten, with only one secret strap this time instead of an impossible-to-get two. Coming in cases of eight, blind-boxed with possible duplicates, they made it even harder than previous sets for collectors. The set retails for ¥4,000, but AmiAmi has them for ¥3,000 as a pre-order. With this being the very first merchandise for some of these characters, combined with the ultra-popularity of the title, this will be the best-selling set of these so far.