Nobody told me about this Raz plush from Psychonauts 10th Anniversary, so I'm telling you

iam8bit has a store. It's full of amazing things like prints and game soundtracks on vinyl. The most amazing thing I saw was this amazing Raz plush from Psychonauts 10th anniversary. It's $35 and it's just dying to come home with you.

Go get your own

New Splatoon squid plushes, squid phone jack buddies, and a FAKES warning

A new set of four Inkling plushes has surfaced, and they look pretty big. They have just started to appear on YJA, so they are likely prize plushes. Also, they're shiny! Pics after the break show the tag and the backs of them.
Also in this post we see some Inkling "Phone Jack Buddy" or "Jack Mascot" figures. A splat covers your phone jack and the Inkling appear to be shooting out of it. Six different colors make up the set.
Lastly, I'm also seeing some fake Inkling plushes online. See them after the jump.

An auction with all four Inkling plushes
Auction with Jack Mascots

Megaman X Tamashii Buddies announced

I haven't heard about this line before, but each one is like a mini D-Arts/Figuarts and comes with a custom display background. Be sure to look for it on AmiAmi and other import sites soon as it releases in April.

Via Tamashii Nations JP Facebook

More Amiibos revealed

First up is Roy who is Gamestop exclusive, next up is Famicom colored ROB coming to the US, Timmy & Tommy Nook are a Target exclusive, and finally Rover and Kapp'n are getting amiibos.

More after the break.

Stay warm this winter with a Triforce comforter

Get yours at your local Hot Topic or here. And don't forget the pillow cases!

Sony Franchises to see more merch

  • Funko for Pop Vinyl figures featuring the video games “God of War,” “The Last of Us,” the “Uncharted” franchise as well as the upcoming new game “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” “Little Big Planet” and “Twisted Metal.”
  • Titan Merchandise for vinyl figures featuring “The Last of Us,” “Uncharted 4” and the “Uncharted” franchise.
  • NECA for action figures featuring characters from “God of War,” “Little Big Planet” and “Uncharted 4.”
  • Dark Horse for an art book for the “Uncharted” franchise and “Uncharted 4.”
  • The IP Factory for high-end resin collectible statues and busts for “God of War,” “The Last of Us,” “Ratchet and Clank,” “Jak and Daxter” and “Sly Cooper.”
  • Cool Mini or Not for table games featuring “Uncharted.”

Via License Mag

Check out for more Sony merch!

Dragon Quest gets a metallic slime PS Vita

Due out January 28th, 2016
25,980 Yen
Comes with a copy of Dragon Quest Builders and an exclusive theme

Via Kotaku

Gundam Vitas and Vita TV headed to Japan

Colors: Glacier White / Black
Release Date: December 23
Price: 27,980 yen

  • PS Vita Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force model
  • A copy of Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force for PS Vita
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force exclusive theme

Color: Glacier White
Release Date: December 23
Price: 18,180 yen + tax

  • PlayStation TV Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force model
  • A copy of Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force for PS Vita
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force exclusive theme

Via PlayStation JP

Metallic version of Jakks Pacific Samus is ComicConBox exclusive

Looks like a site called Comicconbox, a monthly mystery box subscription service, has secured an exclusive figure from Jakks Pacific's World of Nintendo line. A metallic version of the Samus figure will arrive in November's box, and one month of the subscription will cost $29.99.

Found via their Instagram account.

Thanks djb1986!

Gamestop getting exclusive Nintendo stuff on Black Friday

Looks like the Mario 30th snow globe and new ornaments set for both Zelda and Mario will be made available during Gamestop's Black Friday event.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take this treasure

First pics of what treasures reside in the new Hyrule Warriors 3DS Treasure Edition!

Pre-order here

Another Mario Kart 8 tire surfaces

Set one was cool, and then we saw the first of a second set, but we thought the tag was odd. Now, it makes sense.

Another Jakks wave to drool over and never see in stores

Let's face it. Jakks Pacific is simultaneously making us the happiest Nintendo collectors ever and crushing our dreams. Sort of like Nintendo did with Amiibo. Jakks can't seem to distribute to save their lives, but scalpers are the happiest folk on the planet. That Sheik though . . .

Tons of Final Fantasy stuff is dropping in

Stella has put together a great forum thread about all this stuff coming out with dates. Go check it out! More pics of stuff after the break!

F4F does Simon Belmont right

First 4 Figures is making 750 Simon Belmont statues. They went with Dracula first, but now Simon is large and in charge. 20 inches large. F4F is also releasing 299 of an exclusive version with the following additions:

In this, the First 4 Figures Exclusive Edition of the statue, Simon comes with additional pieces which can be swapped out at will. The Vampire Killer in his right hand can be exchanged for the Short Chain, and his open hand can be switched for one holding the Boomerang Cross.

Pre-order page on F4F - $400
Pre-order the exclusive - $440.

Banpresto's Super Mario Bros. 30th prizes

Stuff! Starman plush cushion, giant mushroom plush, trio of mini-plushes, Mario shirt, plush pouches, a famicom controller cushion, and even some Mario glassware! These were given away in a lottery as prizes, so they'll be a little more expensive than retail.

New Chain Chomp plushes

San-ei has released a couple of new Chain Chomp plushes, one with mouth closed and one with mouth open. More pics after the break.

Nintendo Nendoroids get pre-orders

Check you favorite import shop for pre-orders on Marth, Mega Man, Link, and Kirby. N with Reshiram is a Pokemon Center exclusive.

An inky flood of Splatoon merchandise includes plushes, puzzles, and more

Puzzles, handbags, danglers, figures, reflectors (?), and plushes. Just check out this link for a snapshot of the amount of stuff pouring out of Japan. The real stars are the four plushes. Sadly no Judd yet, but those keychain figures are awesome. Why are all the little trinkety items so expensive with Splatoon stuff?

HLJ has the best price for the plushes, all slated for a December release fro San-ei:

Stay Fresh!

Truforce's Megaman X figure gets NYCC exclusive


For any backers angry about con-goers getting an exclusive before release, Truforce will be emailing a link so we can order one if we want.

And it appears the regular edition will be there for sale also... Kinda annoying, but not as bad as the whole Mighty No. 9 fiasco.

UPDATE: For the NYCC variant, kickstarter backers will be emailed a link in which they can order one figure. You must...

Posted by TruForce Collectibles on Wednesday, October 7, 2015