Yoshi's New Island 3DSXL Bundle Officially Unveiled & Another Monster Hunter 4 LE


Set to release the same day as Yoshi's New Island (March 14th). So far only confirmed in Europe.


This one is of course a Japanese exclusive, set for release on March 27th.

Gaming Heads Space Marine Plush brings plushy DOOM

$20 buys you the plush capable of destroying these plushes. This 11-inch hero is armed with his plasma gun and is available now at Gaming Heads.

Pick a badge, any badge, with Mega Man

Some simple badges are being made by Capcom for some Mega Man fun. Four badges in all are set to release in late March. They're asking around 500yen each, so I hope these badges are at least large, because that's a lot to ask for a badge.

Weapons colors

Nendoroid Snake is the cutest little tactical stealth operative you'll ever see

Quite the surprise at Wonder Festival 2014 is this Nendoroid announcement about Solid Snake. No other details, of course . . . but he's coming!

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New Nintendo Figmas mean life will get better soon

This image, coming out of the twitterverse from Wonder Festival, shows that another Link Figma is in the works based on his appearance in Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds. Also in the pic is a Zero Suit Samus Figma, and a Cordelia figure from Fire Emblem. That is a lot to take in. Hopefully, for our wallet's sake, all three will not release at the same time! Which one are you most excited for? Ring in on the forums.

Thanks to Lalam and Legend!

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Zero Suit Samus

Super Mario World Jump & Seesaw Games

Jump, man!

Set to ship in May. You can preorder a complete set of 6 here.

If you have any clue what these are / do, be sure to tell us in the forums.

Super Mario 3D World item keychains

Bandai is introducing a set of keychains featuring the items from Super Mario 3D World. Well . . . some of them. Where is the Double Cherry? Seems like a tremendous oversight, or maybe it's setting up a second set? Oh well, at least the bell will ring when you shake it. I mean, how could it not?

via NCSX

New Starman light lets you collect a star the easy way

Taito really like to light up your rooms the Mario way, previously making some Boo lights. Totally called this in that last article by the way . . .
Now, they have moved on to a popular item, the Super Star, or, as I know it, Starman.
Very similar to the older Starman light from Banpresto, but much easier to attain . . . for now.

New Link Between Worlds keychains

Drool at the picture, because there is no other info other than that it will come from Bandai, supposedly within the month of May. Heh.

Thanks Sherry B!

Pluck your own plush Pikmin

These ingenious plushes from Taito are out in Japan now. Pluck your Pikmin, then stuff it in the plush block of ground, and pluck it all over again. Hit the break to see the tag.

Let Pikmin hold your things . . . or . . . coolest Pikmin merchandise yet

"Chibi Stand" Pikmin, in red, blue, or yellow flavors, are just about the cutest thing ever. These Pikmin will hold, and may well take off with, your stuff! Out now in Japan.

via NintendoTweet.

Chillax with Snorlax

Banpresto has plushified the rotund giant in a size that heads will be happy to snuggle up with. He will be aiding you in your trips to dreamland come June this year. He will cost around $40, but keep in mind a cushion this large will take some extra cash to ship. I'd save about double that price if I wanted one from Japan.

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S.H. Figurarts is exactly what we all hoped we'd get

They've been teasing, and now the reveal! Mario will be the first in Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line (big surprise, I know), and he will be out in May of this year in Japan.
Revealed at the Nuremburg Toy Fair, Mario comes with crazy articulation, and two diorama kits will be available for purchase to hash out a scene with our favorite plumber/hero.
No word yet on price or release dates for North America.

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KidRobot's Mega Man line leaked!

Based on the sales sheets, KidRobot is releasing a set of 14 keychains, a set of 14 mini figures, and two 7 inch figures of Mega Man and Proto Man. The keychains will retail for $5.99, the mini figures will retail for $9.99, and the larger figures for $39.99.

Included in the sets of 14 are:

  • Mega Man (regular, red, green, and no helmet)
  • The original robot masters
  • Roll
  • Proto Man
  • Dr. Light
  • Dr. Wily
  • Yellow Devil

Hit the jump to see the sales sheets!

More Animal Crossing: New Leaf merchandise


Up are a set of stages that connect together and a set of water globes. Order the stage collection here or the water globes here. Both sets are going to be packaged as complete and will sell for $28.90 on NCSX.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Choco Egg set implies many more sets

Furuta has expanded its Nintendo license to include characters from Animal Crossing New Leaf, and that means we get chocolate covered eggs and lots of anthropomorphic animal friends. This set will come in late February and include the following characters:

-Tom Nook
-K.K. Slider
-Dr. Shrunk

Any bets on the secret? Obviously, they have several characters left to make at least one more set of figures.

Thanks Melda and Valendorf!

Pre-order now at AmiAmi

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Sword of Erdrick lifesize prop cuts into your wallet

In late April, you will have this sword if you pre-order today. 15,500yen is all you need. Ya know, Japanese RPG stars are so lucky. They don't have to pay for the best swords! Granted, the responsibility that comes with them is pretty overwhelming.
Expect this to cost a ton in shipping as well . . .

Thanks kobefn!


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Phoenix Wright, Yoshi's Island pre-order stuff

Ace Attorney 1-3 bonuses at NintendoTweet. Available at e-Capcom. A wallpaper code, a remixed track, and a random charm. Random?!

Also, pre-orders for Yoshi's New Island are receiving this egg case. Via GoNintendo.

Gaming Heads busts out the God of War series


Gaming Heads is proud to present our God of War Kratos life size bust! This bust is cast from polystone resin, with all the paint and finer detailing finished by hand. The life size bust sits at a massive 28 inches tall, sitting upon a Greek inspired column. It includes deluxe, full-color packaging, a hand numbered base, and a validation card which allows you to purchase the same model number in future releases in the God of War collection.

Limited to 500 units and retails for $599.99. Luckily there isn't an exclusive version also. This is a new line, so order quick to get a low number. Don't suffer the wrath of Kratos, preorder yours here.