Dragon Quest gets slimy humidifiers

A USB Slime humidifier? Taito makes the weirdest stuff!

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New Kirby plush hat is right out of Mii Plaza

This new Kirby plush hat from Ensky looks like it comes right out of the Mii Plaza for 3DS, whether intention or unintentional (but come on, it's totally intentional)!

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Mega Man's 28th anniversary inexplicably produces merch

28! What a milestone! That's . . . how many years without a proper game now? Oh well, Capcom can still make money off of his continued popularity! That Dr. Wily pillow though . . .

It also looks like there are pixelated figures here, along with a towel, E-cup, and E-pillow.

Check out Rockman Corner for the CapBar crossover food and drink as well. Pretty cool.

First 4 Figures takes control of Puppet Zelda for new statue

Essentially what will be the exclusive version of the Zelda statue, Puppet Zelda will ring up at $350 and her edition size will be known in 2 weeks. She's 15 inches tall and she'll hit in Q3 2016.

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New Final Fantasy plushes from Square Enix and Taito

First up are two nearly indistinguishable Moogle plushes (one has a yellow antenna ball thingy and the other has green). Taito will make both available in April 2016.

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Square Enix is releasing a Sephiroth plush in March 2016.

Pre-order at NCSX

You can almost buy two Moogles for the cost of one Sephiroth.

Ridiculous-priced Mario-branded Moschino clothing is ridiculous

Surely we all have an extra ~$300 lying around to buy a single shirt. A. Single. SHIRT. Not a case. One. 1. 11!11one11!one11!1.

Want a sweatshirt? Nearly $800.
Handbag? Nearly $1200.

Okay, so fashion is beyond me, but the last time someone tried to make upscale gear based on Mario characters, the results were laughable. Torrel, the manufacturer, lost a bunch of money on it and most can be found heavily discounted even now, but still out of the realm of most buyers who would want it.

Go laugh a little, then cry.

New Mother 2 straps from Takara Tomy Arts

A set of seven new straps from Mother 2 have surfaced and feature a Mr. Saturn in a trash can (Dr. Saturn), a Starman Deluxe, Pokey (Porky), and the Chosen Four. Coming in March 2016.

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Team Rocket figures join the G.E.M. Series from MegaHouse

James & Meowth and Jessie & Wobuffet will be released in late April and mid-February respectively. The bases are blue for James and pink for Jessie. The list price has each duo at around $50 each, but pre-ordering now from AmiAmi will reduce it to around $42.

Jessie and Wobbuffet

Contra figures?! YES! From NECA

Several little boys trapped in older men jumped for joy today at the announcement of Contra figures from NECA. Bill and Lance will be 7" tall and come together, as they should, and have a range of accessories including several guns and shots for those guns. Floating item capsule also included! And . . . oh, the packaging. Oh my! Coming late April.

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Build-a-Bear hosts a certain electric yellow Pokemon

A Pikachu in a Charizard outfit is the web exclusive and also includes sounds and the Pokeball hoodie that adorns the "in-store" version. Released in "late December".

Build-a-Bear website

Special Wii U bundle in Japan brings exclusive merchandise

A giant Mario pillow featuring 30th Anniversary fabric, a Super Mario Maker placemat, a Super Mario Maker fabric bag, and a Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary towel. Oh yeah, and it all comes in a giant cardboard coin block! The bundle doesn't come cheap, but considering everything you get, it's quite a deal.

Taito continues its huge figures streak, adds articulation

Taito/Jamma is big on big right now. Big plushes. Big figures. Big prize releases. Now they have articulated Mario and Yoshi figures out in prize catchers. The articulation isn't much to speak about, as it appears to be just arms, legs, and head. Movement looks pretty limited too, but they do look like nice figures!
Pictures of others sides of the box after the break.

Yoshi's Woolly World cushions add to the cute

Two different cushions complete the set. Both feature Yoshi, but one has wings! Not sure who these are from because noboday has posted a clear pic of the tag yet, but I imagine it's Japan Auto toy as they released the Paper Mario Sticker Star cushions. It looks like these are either printed on a crotchet-like fabric, or just printed on regular fabric to look crotcheted.
Pics of the pretty uninteresting backs and sides after the break.

Zero pre-orders go live at First 4 Figures

X's buddy and fellow Maverick Hunter Zero is here in two different versions from First 4 Figures. The regular version is 17 inches tall and is $259.99, limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. The exclusive version is $40 more, and that gets you light-up features "all over" and the Z-Saber. F4F is trying something new with the exclusive, as the edition size will be announced after two weeks of pre-orders being up. Apparently more people want the exclusive version! Imagine that!

Regular version
Exclusive version

Jakks Pacific's World of Nintendo Walgreens exclusives surface

Three exclusive 8-bit characters are apparently appearing at Walgreens stores. A white tunic Link, a black and white "Classic" Mario (like Super Mario Land), and a Super Star Mario that has iridescent paint (see the pic after the break that shows the sheen). Pics from user @atomic_comet.

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First 4 Figures presents Zero

Mega Man? Check. Proto Man? Check. X? Check. Guess we can move on to Zero then! Pre-orders open this coming Tuesday, Nov. 24th.

Nobody told me about this Raz plush from Psychonauts 10th Anniversary, so I'm telling you

iam8bit has a store. It's full of amazing things like prints and game soundtracks on vinyl. The most amazing thing I saw was this amazing Raz plush from Psychonauts 10th anniversary. It's $35 and it's just dying to come home with you.

Go get your own

New Splatoon squid plushes, squid phone jack buddies, and a FAKES warning

A new set of four Inkling plushes has surfaced, and they look pretty big. They have just started to appear on YJA, so they are likely prize plushes. Also, they're shiny! Pics after the break show the tag and the backs of them.
Also in this post we see some Inkling "Phone Jack Buddy" or "Jack Mascot" figures. A splat covers your phone jack and the Inkling appear to be shooting out of it. Six different colors make up the set.
Lastly, I'm also seeing some fake Inkling plushes online. See them after the jump.

An auction with all four Inkling plushes
Auction with Jack Mascots

Megaman X Tamashii Buddies announced

I haven't heard about this line before, but each one is like a mini D-Arts/Figuarts and comes with a custom display background. Be sure to look for it on AmiAmi and other import sites soon as it releases in April.

Via Tamashii Nations JP Facebook