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Upload images to Database

Wanna help us out? Great! First, you'll need to create an account. After that, you can start uploading your images!

Here are some guidelines for the types of images we'd like to see:

  • Official items only! Fakes have their own section, and customs can be talked about in the forums.
  • Please search to see if your item is already in the database!
  • It's best if you take your own pictures and submit them, but we won't always have the item.
  • Pictures of a COMPLETE set can be added if individual shots are attached. Upload each item of the set individually as well, including multiple angles if you need to. We're really after individual shots of everything, but it's great to have a record of the set when possible. Set shots can be added to individual items in the set in their separate listings for more info as well.
  • ALWAYS ASK FIRST when pulling pictures off of a site, as it is the courteous thing to do, and you can get us in trouble if you don't.
  • The upload page has several parameters to file the image in the database, so when getting pictures record pertinent info like company or year.
  • If you take multiple angles of the item, these can all be uploaded at one time via file attachments that will appear on the image page. Pick one prominent image for the main display, and then upload all other angles with file attachments.

  • Ideal pictures for the database:
    This picture of Link has good focus, a neutral and non-distracting background, and a ruler to show size. Coins, or other easily recognizable items, are good to show scale as well.

    Things to avoid in photos:

  • Try to get pictures that don't have watermarks (which may be difficult) if they're not yours.
  • Try to avoid being in your own photos. Hands and feet are distracting.
  • Try to have enough lighting in your shot so we can see the item clearly and the camera has an easier time focusing. Blurry photos will be deleted.
  • The database will automatically scale the image to 800x640, so having larger file sizes than this when uploading should be avoided.

  • The staff and I reserve the right to delete any images that don't fit the above parameters. If you're unsure whether your images are good enough, post them in the forums first, and we can okay them, discuss them, or better them for submission.