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Where do I get this stuff?

The Links section has several places to find the merch displayed on this site. It outlines the auction sites and trusted online retailers our community has found the memorabilia for sale.

How do I bid on Yahoo Japan Auctions?

This article on the forums has been helpful to several people wishing to bid on items on YJA and other foreign bidding services. Also, check out proxy services for more info.

Advice for collectors

Our members have created a topic to give advice to collectors. Lots of great tips here.

How can I be sure what I am buying is official?

We get a lot of questions about counterfeits, because the market is flooded with them. There are tips at the beginning of this post, and you can post your item there and we will assess whether or not it is legit. You just need a forum account to get started.

How can I help VGMM?

Please visit our Contribute section of the site to help with adding to the database, becoming part of our prestigious community on the forums, or other things going on on the site.

Tips on using ebay

This article is an experienced user guide for buying and selling on ebay. Avoid the scammers and get the best possible ebay experience.

Collection Care

This guide has been helpful to several collectors and has several ideas for collectors just starting out to the collectors with the largest collections.

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