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The Video Game Memorabilia Museum is dedicated to alerting consumers to counterfeit merchandise, unlicensed merchandise, and unofficial merchandise. Custom, or fan-made non-mass-produced merchandise can be discussed in the forums.

If you would like to contribute to this section, please sign up for an account and start uploading images. If you are unsure whether the item you have found is fake or official, the forum community and I will be glad to help!

Upload a picture of fake merchandise - Important! - If you add terms to the database while uploading an image, you'll need to post that term in the forums to get it to appear in the galleries. An admin has to add the view to the term. It's a limitation of the software.

View the database of fakes - Go here to see photos of the known fakes that our community can prove are counterfeit through various means.

Guide to Counterfeit Merchandise - A comprehensive guide including definitions, repercussions, and quick tips about spotting counterfeit merchandise.

Guide to excluding known sellers of fakes from eBay and the list of sellers for those who already know how. This list is no longer updated as sellers of counterfeits spring up like rats and die off like . . . rats. It's too fast to keep up.

Comparison Shots Gallery - This is where we will put up pictures of real and counterfeit items side by side, so you can make out the distinguishing characteristics that set them apart.