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Super Mario Inflatable Bouncy House

By nightram - Posted on 11 June 2011

mariobouncy6.jpgmariobouncy5.jpgmariobouncy4.jpgmariobouncy3.jpgmariobouncy2.jpgSuper Mario Inflatable Bouncy House
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Super Mario Bros.
No year
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Extremely Rare
This gigantic Mario inflatable bouncy house is still available for parties in Japan. Hosts can purchase the air-blown playground, but there are requirements. A 30 meter radius is required to operate it, including staff to allow the correct number of children in and operate the generators necessary to keep it inflated. Apparently, no more than five can be in the house at one time. Kids enter in a covered flap between Mario's legs . . . as is tradition with many Japanese bouncy houses (see Pikachu bouncy house). There have not been pictures posted of the back of the inflatable, but it appears that there are only a few windows on the product.
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