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The Promo Press: Do a barrel roll over new merchandise

By Natendo - Posted on 17 September 2011

Quite a few new promos have been tracked down in the past few weeks and we've got a loaded edition of the Promo Press prepared. This update is sure to please many fans with new Star Fox, Zelda, Mario and even Bit.Trip promos. Here's what we've got:

-Starfox 64 3D and Bit.Trip preorder bonuses
-Club Nintendo UK update
-Zelda Gamescom merch

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Fans who preordered Star Fox 64 3D at Gamestops in Canada received a free Fox McCloud dog tag. It would have been neat if they had one for each member of Star Fox and if they used "Do a barrel roll" on the tag, but it's still a neat promo.

Another Gamestop preorder bonus, this one being a soundtrack with Bit.Trip Saga/Complete. The soundtrack includes 18 songs, 3 songs from each of Commander Video's trippy adventures. It's great seeing all these preorder bonuses recently!

A couple of Zelda pieces were given out at Gamescom last month, including these two T-shirts and a Spirit Tracks bag. The shirts are both to promote Ocarina of Time 3D and were exclusive to the convention (they have the Gamescom logo on the backs).
Thanks Ikhana!

Finally, the Club Nintendo UK catalog has been updated with a couple of US items. The site recently added the colored Wiimote straps (2500 stars) along with the Mario folder sets, which they split up into pairs for 400 stars.