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Pokemon Update 1/27/13

By Natendo - Posted on 27 January 2013

This week's Pokemon update features an interesting Pokemon Center set, along with a cool figure of a few classic Pokemon up for preorder. Here is this week's news:

-Pokemon Tail Merchandise
-Catch Your Own: Dragonite evolution set

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The latest round of merchandise from the Pokemon Center stores is a bit odd, with a focus on Pokemon tails. A bulk of the set contains tail keychains, from Pokemon like Pikachu, Eevee and Minccino; which bear a striking resemblance to those 'lucky rabbit's foot' charms. The mugs are neat, too, with the tails of the Pokemon being the handle. A couple of phone cases and a Pikachu plush round out this latest release.

Via Asami Diary

Catch Your Own

Dragonite and Charizard are fan favorites among Pokemon fans, so Bandai's latest figure release is sure to excite. Each figure set comes with the entire evolutionary chain; Charmander and Charmeleon with Charizard, and Dratini and Dragonair with Dragonite. Both of these are up for preorder at AmiAmi for 555 Yen.


That's all for this week's update, check back next weekend for more Pokemon merchandise news!