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Castle Crashers plushes coming soon

Behemoth did a live stream to help donate to Extra Life, and as a thank you people got a chance to win these cool plushes. They should be appearing soon at the Behemoth Store for those of us who missed out.

via Tomopop

Europe gets a limited edition release from Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D

Because of course they do, and NA won't. Bleh. Steelbook, double-sided poster, and a really cool Majora's Mask pin. Spring 2015. Go to the forums to see the poster.

Thanks Stella!

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K'nex releases Super Mario mini figure set 5

Fire Peach, Cat Mario, White Tanooki Mario, Luigi, Toad, Cheep Cheep, and a Goomba. I'll post the numbers in a separate post once we know them. Should be around in the next month or so in stores, or order from K'nex.

Thanks MarioManic!

Mother 2 keychains show our heroes' darkest hour

Death. The often unspoken truth of video games. Rarely do we see merchandise based on the darkest hour of the heroes of the game, but this set from Takara Tomy Arts goes down that rabbit hole.
Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo have all fallen in battle and are now in their "unconscious" form (a.k.a. ghost with halo form . . .). Ness also gets blown up for good measure. Teleport fail!
These flat "plate" keychains are pixelated for pure nostalgia.

They are coming in February 2015. You can pre-order from NCSX for $22.90 now, or see what prices arrive at for release.

Naughty Dog Shop open for business

Pretty much everything you see here comprises what is in the shop so far, which isn't much. The two Jak and Daxter statues were also previously available through Gaming Heads. However, it is always exciting when a developer opens up a shop, because it means exclusive goods and it means the developer - the creator of these things you love so much - get the proceeds. Keep checking back to see what's new!

Naughty Dog Shop

There will be special/limited edition Amiibo

This post is maybe what some wanted to hear, but their wallets did not. Buried in a financial briefing, a mention of possible limited editions arose:

As store shelf space is limited, some amiibo will remain stocked on the shelves as staple choices while some will be limited-time offers which will cede their positions to new ones once they are sold out.

Start saving . . .

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare figures bring the battle to your room

These highly-anticipated figures from the game I can't stop playing look great. $20 is a bit steep, but look at all the stuff you get in each one! Diamond Select have gone out of their way to capture all of the details added to these characters from the game, and even add a little touch of the customization options. The eight figures are packaged as follows:

  • Gatling Pea with Scientist Zombie
  • Camo Cactus with Foot Soldier Zombie
  • Chomper with Engineer Zombie
  • Shadow Flower with All-Star Zombie

Big Bad Toy Store has the full set for $70, saving you $10.
While I may have preferred all of the base level plants to go along with the zombies, these will definitely do.

Wow! A Link costume! Wait a minute . . .

Well, I've always known that there is a market for a Link costume. Now, someone has usurped that pesky and expensive licensing and gone for the look of Link, but calling it an "Elf Warrior". No sword or shield, but the rest is there. The top one was priced at $60, while the child-size was $50. Wow.

Worth mentioning - the Super Mario All-Star Plush Collection

I wasn't real excited for this, but it is worth mentioning that this set comes out in December. I thought it was a re-run of previous releases but upon further inspection it does appear that several have different poses. Just nobody new. These are likely still available for pre-order from your favorite import shop, and is a good second-chance run of quality plushes. May be a nightmare for completionists though.

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Finally, some official coin purses

FOr years now, there have been boatloads of coin purses featuring Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and more. Now we actually see some official ones. SO, if you were holding out for a real one, now you can finally splurge.

Mario plushes go big time

45cm (or nearly 18 inches) of Mario from Taito. Yeah, they already released a giant Mario alongside a giant Yoshi, but now Fire Mario joins the mix. What we need is a giant Bowser . . .

Your secret figure for the latest Furuta choco egg set is SOOO lucky

Dang he's cute! The complete set of 12 is out now in Japan, so get eating that chocolate!

Link on Loftwing may be loftiest price for F4F statue ever

"Our biggest Zelda piece ever!" exclaims the First 4 Figures Facebook poster. Bigger than Zant? Bigger than Ganondorf? That means the accompanying price tag may be the biggest sticker shock Zelda statue collectors have seen so far. We'll all find out when pre-orders go live at the F4F website on Tuesday Oct. 28th.

Mario Kart 8 items race to the finish line

Most of these items have been in other sets, but the Golden Mushroom and Banana are new. Out now, this set can be purchased on Amazon. Use a proxy to make it easy.


Golden set for New Super Mario Bros. 2 from Auto Toy

Japan Auto Toy has released these prize figures to arcades. Not sure when, but it's a great little keychain set featuring many of the enemies that turn gold in the game.

via Kikai's blog

Kirby watches headed to Japan

watch this

Set for release in December. No word on a site to preorder, so keep your eyes peeled on Yahoo! Japan.

via GoNintendo

Sanei releasing Mega Man plushes

megaman protoman rush

Included in the set are 2 sizes of Mega Man, Proto Man, and Mega Man's trusty sidekick Rush. These are set for release in December.

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Captain Toad plushes you don't have to track down


Set to release in December, the standing and sitting plushes are priced at 1,860 yen and 1,450 yen at AmiAmi right now. Click the pic to order your own and start hunting for treasure!

Thanks Stella!

Dr. Robotnik has erected a statue of himself

22 inches tall and limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide, here is Sonic's nemesis standing proud with some chaos emeralds. $400 and set to arrive Q2 of 2015. He comes with extra hands too, with or without the emeralds. You'd think that would have been the exclusive, but not this time. There is also a contest going on at their Facebook page to win him outright.

Order now at F4F

Goliath statue to release for 2K's Evolve

Nearly 30 inches tall, weighing in at 35 pounds, this sucker lives up to his name. Nothing compared to the life-size version seen at E3 this year, but still mighty impressive. The Goliath from Triforce is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and comes with a Goliath-sized price tag as well, hitting $750. But that's not all. At New York Comic Con this year, people will be able to pre-order the Savage Goliath variant that is even more limited to 150 pieces worldwide and will cost $800. The variant will have some red paint to accentuate the skin. Expensive paint job. Coming Q2 of 2015. It's a gamble, sure, seeing as how it's a new IP and the game will be out before the statue. Maybe that's why pre-orders are non-refundable. You also better watch the shipping on it, as it's classified as oversized. Meaning not cheap.

You can pre-order now