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Near Field Communication figures coming soon to Nintendo consoles

During an investor Q&A session, Nintendo revealed that they would be entering the fray that Skylanders and Disney Infinity have created. Nintendo has shown that one trophy may be used in multiple games. No word yet whether these trophies would be adding additional content to future titles or have titles dedicated to them, but a full announcement is expected at E3. The Wii U Gamepad already has an NFC reader on it, but Nintendo also showed that the 3DS could have a base that it could wirelessly talk to. Collectible Nintendo toys that interact with games?! This is what VGMM is all about!

via Kotaku

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Mario & Luigi wheel accessories up for order on Nintendo UK

wii u wheel

Originally only available in the Mario or Luigi Mario Kart 8 Bundle. Also available are the Wii U Gamepad Covers.

Preorder Mario here
Preorder Luigi here

90s Franchise Ebay Finds: Grandia & Alisia Dragoon

Grandia Poster 1998

I decided to go find merch from lesser celebrated games, and I have a fondness for the 90s. As such, this Ebay Finds post will center around two ridiculously-hard-to-find-merchandise-or-memorabilia-for games: Grandia 1 (PSX and Sega Saturn) and Alisia Dragoon, of nail bitingly hard Sega Genesis fame.

Alisia Dragoon Stickers
I found a single official, non-reproduction piece for Alisia Dragoon: a promo sticker sheet.

But I found a few more Grandia items. Pictured above is a gnarly full-size poster.

There's also a phone card with incredibly tiny art on it:

A Cloth Map:

A two page advertisement, and it's cousins:

A PS1 DEMO DISC of the the game (Wow...)

Tune in next week.

A mess of Mario on the way from Jakks Pacific

There's a kart racing game coming out soon involving some characters we know. Of course this means that there are all new ways to merchandise this title, and a spiffy loop track just makes sense. There are also several racers that attack to a smaller straight loop track. You can see these after the break.
There are also some IR controlled racers that supposedly climb walls. And ceilings. I'll believe it when I see it. Heh.
A set of "Coin Crasher" figures are also coming out, including Mario, Yoshi, Wario, and Link. Each of these supposedly hit a box and items come out. Neat-o.

via Vooks

Nintendo World line of figures includes Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud among others . . . SQUEEEEEEEE

All of these are stock images, which is a bit scary to announce, but here we are again. One step closer to possibly getting a Fox McCloud figure, and for the first time ever, a Captain Falcon figure. Show your moves! We can also see another first: a Metroid figure. One was included as an accessory a while back, but it's nice to see it get it's own spotlight. There is very little further info. I imagine we'll receive all of the Mario characters first. There is no proposed release date either, but this comes from Nintendo pushing more character merchandise in an effort to get profits back up. Good news for us!

via Vooks

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Skies of Arcadia's Vyse gets a F4F statue

The third in the line of Sega All-Stars, due Q4 2014.

Regular Version - 1000 pieces worldwide, $200.
Exclusive version - 425 peices worldwide, $220. Comes with an extra arm and the Pirate's Cutlass.

New The World Ends With You merchandise surfaces years later

The World Ends With You has a huge cult following even six years later (seven if you're in Japan). New badges have appeared in Japan in this gumball-style capsule machine, and the imagery is based on stuff from the game.

via GoNintendo via NeoGAF.

New Kirby accessories

NintendoTweet has posted these new Kirby totes and pouches. Out in mid-July from San-ei Boeki. They are up for pre-order at AmiAmi.

Auction Crawler: More than meets the eye

There are actually larger versions of these guys, featuring Mario and Bowser among others, but the littler versions are just cuter! Snag yours here, just 1 day left and at 2500yen!

Transform Famicom

Mario Kart WIi Mario RC - 450yen, 2 days.
Mario and Yoshi keychain on card - 500yen, 3 days.
Nintendo History ROB mini figure - 1500yen, 1 day.
Nintendo History Collection Vol. 1 set of 4 (Complete) - 4000yen, 5 days.
Gamecube mini clock - 300yen, 4 days.
Pikmin set of rare straps - 1500yen, 2 days.
Kirby Chopsticks - 1100yen, 4 days. 25th Anniversary.
Kirby Crash Plush - 3800yen, 5 days. Or, you could buy one from me!
SMB "Kinoko Mascot" mushroom squeezies = 750yen, 2 days.
Giant Mario plush - original SMB - 5000yen BID, 7000yen BIN, 6 days. Some suspender damage that could be fixed.
Super Mario RPG unpainted set including Booster - 8880yen, 5 days.
Mario Bath Toys x2 - 1000yen BIN, 3 days.

Kirby history in keychains

This set by Takara Tomy Arts is being released for Kirby Triple Deluxe, but as you can see it's more of a Kirby history set, marking some of the best poses of Kirby and friends over the years. If you get a full box of them (~2700yen), you are guaranteed the full set of keychains. Otherwise, they're blind boxed and therefore evil.

via NintendoTweet

These Club Nintendo Japan pins are pretty . . . shiny . . . so shiny . . .

Zelda, Kirby, and Pikmin pins are the new merchandise items from Club Nintendo Japan. Since Mario already got a set of four pins, he's had his time in the sun. Time to give some love to other franchises, and what love it is. These pins are gorgeous, and only 250 points each!

via Nintendotweet

Controllers for every character

First Mario, then Luigi, then Peach, and now Yoshi! Is Toad next? Is Bowser on his way?

Super Mario 3D World Gashapon sends double the cute

In Japan in late July, this set of gashapon will release for about 200 yen each. The set will include each of the playable characters as cats, a double cherry Mario, and the pièce de résistance, a Goomba in "Kuribo's Skate". Or is it a Kuribo in Goomba's skate? Man, do I ever love Takara TOMY Arts' dedication to the Mario series. There's always something ready to make me spend my cash.

Auction Crawler: Sent by a Higher Authority

The elusive Geno painted keychain figure, starting at around $20. Very coveted, and very rare. Good luck!

GENO - 2000yen, 4 days.

Large lot of many Nintendo and other toys - 1600yen, 1 day.
Complete set of Mario Kart plushes with flags - 800yen, 2 days.
Green Moogle from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - 990yen, 3 days.
Capcom mini figure collection - 900yen BID, 1800yen BIN, 4 days.
MMX3 Ride Armor - 18,000yen, 1 day.
Kirby's Adventure King Dedede - 800yen, 4 days.
Kirby 64 mug and spoon set - 3150yen, 2 days.
Mario Table Hoskey set - 1000yen, 1 days.
NSMB Wii Marble playset - 900yen, 5 days.
Massive lot of mini figures from Mario Kart, choco figures - 6500yen, 2 days.
Rare SMW bath toy - 50yen, 6 days.
Unpainted Geno - 5600yen, 2 days.
4 Mario figures for the price of three - 2980yen BID, 3980yen BIN, 2 days.
Super Mario Land board game - 2000yen, 3 days.
Mario baseball hat - 2000yen, 17 hours.
Luigi Baseball hat - 4800yen BIN. 5 days.
Star baseball hat - 4800yen BIN. 5 days.

What is more fun than a box of Yoshis?

San-ei bombards us with a bevy of dinosaurs today as a set of TEN new Yoshis is released, all in a small size. You can pre-order each, or go for the box of all ten.
These will be out in mid-June in Japan. I don't think there are any colors that haven't already been released in a different set, but some are new to this size.

Auction Crawler: Bring the vintage

Vintage Mario figures set with unpainteds - 50yen?! 6 days. This is an incredibly rare set and we should see the bids roll in quickly with that many days left. Good luck to anyone bidding!

Mario backpack with costume raincoat - 1500yen, 3 days.
Mario Family figures - 2500yen, 3 days.
Kirby backpack with costume raincoat - 3000yen BIN, 2 days.
Mario Kart Wii Marble Game - 100yen, 3 days.
Mario Barrel Game - 2000yen, 1 day.
SM64 Model Kit sealed - 1000yen, 2 days.
Mario on a motorbike - 9800yen BIN, 4 days.

Shrine of Azura from Skyrim available now from Gaming Heads

In Q4 of this year, Gaming Heads will release a regular and exclusive edition of the Shrine of Azura from Skyrim. This is the second in the 1/6 scale line, at it rings up at $209.99, with the exclusive $20 more for the faux bronze finish. 750/350 is the split for pieces worldwide, which has become pretty standard for both Gaming Heads and First 4 Figures.

Baraka needs to have a doctor look at that

Barack Obama Baraka is available for pre-order at the Pop Culture Shock website starting on April 21st at 3PM PST, and has a regular version ($360) and an exclusive version ($370). The exclusive has extra arms. Coming Q1 of 2015, this statue is 1:4 scale. You can save some cash by pre-ordering and paying up front.

via Tomopop