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nightram's blog sends goodies - Mega Man exclusive and Ash from Pokemon!

Check out the new Child-size Mega Man exclusive to, and they also sent Ash from Pokemon! Great stuff!
Mega Man's costume looks great and my son wears it every day. The buster is the best part, but the way the "briefs" go over the pants to make the look? Priceless! We had to safety pin the leg armor, as the costume may be a bit big, but I always buy a bit big so they can get a fw years of play out of them.
Ash's costume is very nice too, as the mask is made of hard plastic and is not flimsy like you'd expect. Both are well-priced, and the quality is high.

Nintendo fabrics on their way to Joanns

Patterns of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and more are headed to Joann's Fabric Stores across the country. The designs shown are very intriguing, and some no-sew fleece blanket kits will also be available. Neat!

via Springs Creative on Facebook

Thanks djb!

And the secret figure of the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Furuta Choco Egg set is . . .

Yes . . . I'm going to make you click a link to get to that pic. The secret figure of this set is . . .

A new Mario Kart 8 plush tire features the princesses

That was the weirdest title I've written on the site so far. Heh. So, you know those plush tires cushions thingies that came out a while back. They're adding another, featuring Rosalina and Peach. Out now in the prize machines in Japan!

Taito's Gold Mario 30th anniversary tribute figure

Taito has been killing it lately, and adding this just knocks it out of the park. This Gold Mario figure will stand nearly 12" tall and is coming out in late December.

via NCSX

Giant Boo plush haunts retailers in Japan

More giant plushes are coming from Taito, this time it's Boo. Out now, so look for auctions/imports!

Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Plates

Four new somewhat commemorative plates have spawned to usher in the 30th Anniversary celebration of our nation's history Super Mario Bros. Each plate is painstakingly emblazoned with imagery from the historical event game series. The ceramic melamine plates each come in boxes featuring the plate's artwork, and can now be purchased as a set in Japan, but for a limited time only! You know, for as long as supplies last.

See the actual plates after the jump!

Taito's 30th Anniversary Mario plush prize

30th Anniversary merchandise is stacking up quick, and are wallets are scared. So, add another one to the pile, right? Here comes a 30th Anniversary plush that features special fabric with the logo imprinted on it for Mario's hat and overalls. Cool idea!

via Kikai's blog

Taito's website

A new Mario air hockey table top game

Before we begin, I definitely had to go back and check that this was indeed a new air hockey table and it wasn't this one (on sale at Not much of a difference, except the "W" part of the logo, which obviously adds some sort of twist to the game. They suggest that four people can play the game, and it does appear that the board is larger than the original. The last version had four paddles, but that was two people holding two paddles. Both games have a single player mode as well. Not sure how that works, but it appears that you set up obstacles on the board. Releasing this August 1st in Japan from Epoch.

Pre-order via

Mario cars celebrate all of Mario

Coming in October wherever fine Hot Wheels cars are sold!

8 Crate Delivery (Dr. Mario)
A-OK (Mario Kart)
Cool-One (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Dairy Delivery (Super Mario Bros.)
School Busted (Super Mario 3)
Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus (Super Mario World)

Auction Crawler: Christmas in July

Santa Mario plush from Banpresto, 1993. 580yen, 6 days. Has the tag!

Other items:
Vic-Tokai plush set - 19800yen, 4 days.
Zelda Box - 5200yen, 6 days.
Zelda tin with pin, dogtags, more - 10,000yen, 3 days.
Mario teapot set - 3000yen, 10 hours.
Kirby set of keychains in box - 1980yen, 2 days.
Kirby sleeping plush - 5000yen, 10 hours.
Kirby 20th anniversary puzzle - 5000yen, 9 hours.
Kirby Pinball game - 12000yen, 2 days.
Legend of Zelda Hasbro Score Trophies - 55000yen, 3 days. In Japan? I wonder if it will actually sell.
Link vs. Ganon keshi unpainted figure - 20000yen, 3 days.
Bandai Super Mario Bros. model kits - 3000yen, 5 days. - GREAT price!
Rockman X Battle Armor (Ride Armor) set in box - 6250yen, 3 days.
Complete Mega Man 7 set of pencil topper figures - 10000yen, 1 day.
Gold Moblin Choco unpainted figure - 777yen, 5 days.
Olimar Plush - 3500yen, < 1 day.

And finally, someone has the nearly complete set of SMRPG unpainted figures up:
Mallow - 5000yen, 4 days.
Punchinello - 6000yen, 4 days.
Peach - 5500yen, 6 days.
Chained Kong - 4000yen, 6 days.
Dodo - 4000yen, 6 days.
Mallow and Belome with accessories and card - 11000yen, 4 days.
Mario with Czar dragon - 11000yen, 4 days.
Bowser and Bowyer - 7000yen, 4 days.
Geno and Jester - 7000yen, 4 days.
Yoshi, Shy Guy, and Mack the Knife - 7000yen, 4 days.

First 4 Figures continues the Kirby line with next logical figure

Pre-orders begin Tuesday the 28th. Here's hoping for an exclusive with GLOWING EYES!

See the post on Facebook

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Journey statue blows your scarf off

Journey is an amazing game, even after all this time. Have you played it again on PS4? Many have, and the release of this statue strikes during the second wind that port has achieved.
You definitely won't have to wait long either, as the release date is July 31st. Pre-order now!

Thanks Stella!

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Furuta releases special edition Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Chocolate Egg figure

Furuta has released this special Mario figure set for the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Available now in Japan. Releases on August 24th in Japan. Can't wait to see what the secret is. My guess? 8-bit Mario! Or maybe his Mario Maker outfit? Can't wait!

via Furuta

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Plush Mega Drive is just too much cute

Coming from Cospa September this year for under $50 (NCSX pricing). Let's hope they do a Dreamcast and SNES!

via NCSX

Kid Robot figures actually release

$50 each, available many places and direct from Kid Robot.

via Rockman Corner

San Diego Comic Con reveals more of the World of Nintendo line

Despite Target and maybe even Toys R Us apparently dropping the line do to poor sales of waves one and two, Jakks Pacific is moving forward with their World of Nintendo. We see more four inch figures supposedly hitting shelves this fall. Toon Link, Falco Lombardi, Toad, Red Koopa Paratroopa, Zelda, Skull Kid, White Raccoon Mario, Red Yoshi, and Slippy Toad are among the new line, with Slippy coming "Late 2015". I sure hope Peppy doesn't get left out. Also seen are some Star Fox plushes of Fox and Falco, along with a white Pikmin. Wave 3 of the four inch figures are sort of hitting shelves now, as we've seen Fox, Yoshi, Peach, and the Goomba on ebay and in independent retail displays. Hopefully distribution of these becomes more widespread. The interest is certainly there.

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Auction Crawler: Not a Rupee

This Wind Waker coin features "Toon" Link's head and a Nintendo logo on the back. Quite rare. Here's the listing. 9800yen with ten hours left. Will extend automatically. No bidders yet . . .

Other auctions:
Zelda Board Game - 10,000yen, 1 day.
Mario Music Can in box - 10,000yen, 2 days. Very rare in box.
Mario Mah-Jong - 12774yen, 1 day.
Super Mario World Pencil Caped Mario Figure - 2000yen, 5 days.
Super Mushroom and 1up Mushroom lunch boxes - 2500yen BID, 2800 BIN.
Super Mario 64 model kit with figure - 500yen, 2 days.
Mario Perfection in box - 500yen, 4 days. Box is a bit faded, missing three pieces.
Super Mario World flower pen - 200yen, 2 days.

Unpainted rarities:
Link and Sheik OoT unpainted figures - 4500yen, 4 days. Sheik is lacking a harp.
Mario, Link, other unapinted - 12,500yen, 1 day.
SMRPG Chained Kong unpainted figure - 4000yen, 2 days. DK?
Gold Choco Moblin unpainted figure - 3500yen, 1 day. Crazy rare. Man, did anyone keep the armor to these things?

The following are all Kotobukiya LoZOoT figures, and all are 1000yen, 4days.
Link with Young Link- silver
Young Link and Young Zelda - silver
Volvagia - silver
Link and Young Link - Gold
Young Link and Young Zelda - painted
Link and Epona - gold
Volvagia - gold
Link on Epona - silver
Link with Morpha - silver

Just found this guy too for 10,500yen, 1 day - {click pic for the link):

Splatoon mats and towels for when bath time gets messy

I wondered if towels would come out for this game. Seems perfectly aligned for merchandise. I mean, after a match, what do those squid kids DO? They probably shower off all that ink, and then they need a towel, right? Well, it made sense in my mind. Two styles, 24" x 48", out now in crane games in Japan.

Also perfect are these die-cut mats. Approximately 24" x 20" squids will keep your feet dry . . . against all odds. Blue and orange flavors. Out now in retail stores in Japan. Hit the jump to see the actual mats, and a bonus hand towel available from Club Nintendo!