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Pokemon Update 3/17/2014

It's been a while since the last Pokemon Update here at VGMM, so there's a lot to cover! Here's the rundown of the latest Pokemon merchandise:

-Pokemon Center Battle Trozei merchandise
-Pikachu World Cup toys
-Pokemon nanoblocks
-Pokemon Petit merchandise

Check after the break for pics and details!

Luigi gets the day off for Nintendo World event

Being the Year of Luigi, the green guy has been as busy as ever busting ghosts and saving Peach. On August 25th, Nintendo World Store gave him a little break for his birthday celebration, which included gifts, cake and friendly competition. The event started at noon, but everyone in line who got there early got a foam Luigi hat or a Mario Kart Luigi flag. Upon entering, fans were entered into a raffle for Luigi plushes and special Luigi 30th anniversary T-shirts. There was also a New Super Luigi U speed running challenge, in which the top three times were awarded with a Year of Luigi coin. The highlight of the event was the cake cutting ceremony, during which they had Luigi come out next to his cake and everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' (video after the break via kirbygcn17 on Youtube ).
It was another great Nintendo World Store event and it was a lot of fun to celebrate Luigi with a ton of other fans.

Pikmin fans swarm Nintendo World Store for launch event

Nintendo World Store hosted a Pikmin 3 pre-launch event on August 3rd with some fun activities and a few giveaways. Upon entering the store, I was greeted by a giant Pikmin statue (picture after the break) and the staff had a camera set up for photo-ops. Fans who purchased the game received Pikmin 3 patches along with an exclusive (and awesome!) poster featuring Alph with a squad of Pikmin. After getting the game, I headed up stairs to play Bingo Battle, and the winner of each match received a Pikmin plush from the recent re-release from San-ei. One of my favorite things about these events is that they always change their display cases to whatever game is released, and their Pikmin displays were well done.
All in all, it was a fun and fan pleasing event; exactly what you'd expect from Nintendo World!
Click after the break for more pictures from the event!

These new Pikmin plushes will Pik away at your wallet

With Pikmin 3 coming out in just a few months, Sanei is releasing a new set of Pikmin plushes. The set includes a plush for each of the 5 Pikmin types, along with three plushes with storage, each accompanied by one of the original Pikmin. I really like the idea of the storage plushes since I'm always having trouble with finding space for new merchandise.
Preorders are up over at NCSX and HLJ and ship in late July.
If you are in the mood for more Pikmin plushes, NCSX also has some of the Pikmin 2 plushes still available.

Pokemon Update 2/17/13

This week's Pokemon update is loaded with Pikachu goodness, along with a couple cool pieces available for purchase. Here is this week's news:

-Pikachu anime figures
-Catch Your Own: Pokemon Getter sets

Click attack the 'Read More' button for more pics and info!

Pokemon Update 1/27/13

This week's Pokemon update features an interesting Pokemon Center set, along with a cool figure of a few classic Pokemon up for preorder. Here is this week's news:

-Pokemon Tail Merchandise
-Catch Your Own: Dragonite evolution set

Click 'Read More' for more info and pics.

This Resident Evil: Revelations HD Premium Set will turn your wallet into a zombie

Resident Evil Revelations HD was announced the other day, and Capcom has prepared limited edition bundles for Japan, but they sure aren't cheap. The biggest bundle, the 'Premium Set', comes with a soundtrack, a BSAA card case, a US Agency branded BSAA wristwatch, and a copy of the game; all for a whopping 42000 Yen! Luckily, there is a much cheaper (7490 Yen) limited edition bundle that just excludes the watch.
No word yet on limited edition bundles outside of Japan.

Via Siliconera

Pokemon Update 1/21/13

D-Arts is extending its Pokemon line of action figures with some very familiar faces; Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise! Prototypes of Venusaur and Blastoise were revealed last week, but Charizard is already set for an April release. All the figures look very poseable, and if Charizard and Mewtwo are anything to go by, Venusaur and Blastoise will come with an accessory based on one of their signature attacks.
Preorder Charizard at AmiAmi for 2800 Yen.

Click past the break for pictures Venusaur and Blastoise.

Pokemon Update 1/13/13

Welcome to the first Pokemon update of the new year! There was quite a bit of Pokemon news this past week with the announcement of Pokemon X and Y, and there is a bit of merch to cover, too! Check out this week's news:

-Costumed Pokemon strap figures
-Catch Your Own: D-Arts Mewtwo

Dig through the break for more pics and info!

Pokemon Update 12/31/12

During this past week, the next Pokemon animated movie was announced in Japan, and the merch is already pouring in. Check out this week's news:

-Pokemon Movie 16 watches
-Pokemon Movie 16 figure straps
-Catch Your Own: Pikachu figures

Click attack the 'Read More' button for more info and pics!

Pokemon Update Returns!

Genesect Merchandise

Pokemon Update was on quite the hiatus these past few months, but it has returned and will deliver news for weeks to come. Now for this week's new merchandise:

-Pokemon Center Genesect merchandise
-Catch Your Own: Keldeo plush

Click 'Read More' for more pictures and info!

Pokemon Update 8/10/12

This week's update features a very unique line from Pokemon Center stores, along with the weekly 'Catch Your Own' piece. Check out this week's news:

-Okada Momo Pokemon Center line
-Catch Your Own: Overdrive Kyurem Forms Figures

Grab some poffins and take a jump past the break for more info and pics!

Pokemon Update 8/3/12

A small update this week with a new Pokemon item that has been added to Hobby Link Japan. The new piece of merch is this Pokemon board game, listed as Poke Scan, from Takara Tomy. The object of the game is to slide the Poke scan disc on to the cards to get the Pokemon...or at least that's what I got from these images. Regardless of the game's actual rules, it is an interesting piece and should be worth checking out for 3230 Yen.

That is all for this week's update, check back next weekend for more Pokemon merchandise news.

Pokemon Update 7/27/12

This week's update was a bit delayed, but that doesn't mean there is nothing new! Check out this week's new merchandise:

-Keldeo Pokedoll
-Catch Your Own: Pikachu and Oshawott toy cars

Grab some Poffins and read on for more info and pics!

Pokemon Update 7/20/12

We've got some new merchandise to report on this week; check out this week's news:

-Pokemon bottlecap figures
-Catch Your Own: Pokemon Uno

The Pokeradar senses more pics and info after the break!

Pokemon Update 7/15/12

A short post this week, with this Keldeo 'Plamo' figure up for sale. You can grab this figure from either HLJ or AmiAmi for 457 or 415 Yen respectively. The figure stands at about 5 cm and some assembly is required, as Keldeo comes in pieces.

That's all for this week's update, check back next weekend for more Pokemon merchandise news!

Pokemon Update 7/6/12

A small Pokemon Update this week with a new set and something to buy.

-Pokedex Keychains
-Catch Your Own: Pikachu 3DS Pouch

Dig through the break for more pics and info!

Pokemon Update 6/29/12

It's a pretty eventful few weeks for Pokemon fans in Japan with the Black/White 2 release and the new Pokemon movie hitting theaters. And you know what that means...a whole lot of merch! Here is this week's offerings:

-Pokemon Movie promos
-Catch Your Own: Toy Pokemon airplanes

The Pokeradar senses more pics and info after the break!

New Mario Kart 7 merchandise is a bit shaky

Remember those New Super Mario Bros. Wii shaker figures? Well Mario Kart 7 is getting the same treatment with a set of six which features items from the game in front of a screenshot depicting the chaos they cause in the game. The set includes Golden Mushroom, Bob-Omb, Bullet Bill, Power Leaf and Blooper for items, but the highlight is definitely Mario with wrench. What a unique sculpt!

Sounds like Kirby anniversary festivities are in full swing with new soundtrack

Nintendo sure loves celebrating anniversaries, don't they? Nintendo is kicking off their Kirby festivities the same way they initiated Zelda's: with a soundtrack of the latest game. Japanese fans will be able to get their hands on a Kirby's Return to Dreamland soundtrack containing 45 tracks for 400 Club Nintendo points. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for release outside of Japan, and does seem unlikely as Club Nintendo soundtracks rarely make their way stateside. But I guess only time will tell!