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ThinkGeek brings some more Megaman merch


Not content with just their Buster Gun Replica, ThinkGeek reveals more Megaman stuff. There are 2 sets, 8-bit and anime, both sets say series 1 so let's patiently wait until series 2.

Order yours here!

Premium Megaman X figure incoming


Initially shown at New York Comic-Con, this is anew premium figure from a start-up company, TruForce Collectibles. No word on a release date yet but a Kickstarter will open sometime soon. Hopefully any future releases don't require one. We'll update you when the Kickstarter starts.

Kirby watches headed to Japan

watch this

Set for release in December. No word on a site to preorder, so keep your eyes peeled on Yahoo! Japan.

via GoNintendo

Sanei releasing Mega Man plushes

megaman protoman rush

Included in the set are 2 sizes of Mega Man, Proto Man, and Mega Man's trusty sidekick Rush. These are set for release in December.

Discuss in the forums!

Thanks Stella!

Captain Toad plushes you don't have to track down


Set to release in December, the standing and sitting plushes are priced at 1,860 yen and 1,450 yen at AmiAmi right now. Click the pic to order your own and start hunting for treasure!

Thanks Stella!

Gaming Heads reveals Fear Kratos bust


The second in the series and also the most limited statue Gaming Heads has made so far at only 100. Get yours here before they sell out! Although at nearly $600, it may take a while.

Capcom announces 2 more Megaman statues at SDCC 2014

mm helmets

Debuting at SDCC 2014 next week, this limited edition helmet replica, in classic Blue Bomber + Red/White colors! Standing about 10" tall and 5" wide, this chrome resin collectible also lights up via USB.

Hopefully they'll do like they did with the other statues and open orders on the Capcom store. If not, eBay here I come!

Via The MM Facebook page

Sony unveils 2 more special edition PS4s


last of us

Both systems once again just replace the HDD cover, but the Destiny edition does look pretty good. Each one includes the respective game with the Destiny edition hitting Japanese stores on September 11th, and The Last Of Us edition comes out August 21st.

Sony Releases Frozen Edition PS4 in Japan

Let it go

As has been the theme with special edition PS4s, this version just has a different HDD cover.

Altered Beast Level 1 boss gets a figure


SEGA RETROGAME SOFUBI COLLECTION Altered Beast Stage 1 Boss Aggar "August Pre-Order" to the three-dimensional character of our Sega masterpiece from GEEK LIFE (geek life) "Sega Retro Game Soft Vinyl Collection" will start! From "altered beast" first bullet one boss stage "Hugger"! Neck threw the attack at the time was plagued player is attached. Face twice fun to play than by replacement! ! Welcome to your doom Sculpted by: Masami Yamada Height approx 240mm © SEGA Size: Height approx 240mm Sculpted by: Masami Yamada Production: Made in Japan / MADE IN JAPAN

Releases in August and you can buy it here whenever it gets released.

Hit the jump for a pic of the alternate face.

Converse releases 2 new sets of Mario shoes

1 2

Set to release in August for ¥21,600.

New Club Nintendo Japan Rewards



A Yoshi plush and some Mario Tape. Be cautious when looking for the Yoshi plush as there are already fakes out there.

Mario & Luigi wheel accessories up for order on Nintendo UK

wii u wheel

Originally only available in the Mario or Luigi Mario Kart 8 Bundle. Also available are the Wii U Gamepad Covers.

Preorder Mario here
Preorder Luigi here

First4Figures finally announces Twilight Princess Zelda


No exclusive version this time. Too bad, I was hoping for a Ganon's Puppet EX version.

What are you waiting for!? Go preorder for $349.99. Don't worry, they offer flex payments.

Yoshi's New Island 3DSXL Bundle Officially Unveiled & Another Monster Hunter 4 LE


Set to release the same day as Yoshi's New Island (March 14th). So far only confirmed in Europe.


This one is of course a Japanese exclusive, set for release on March 27th.

Super Mario World Jump & Seesaw Games

Jump, man!

Set to ship in May. You can preorder a complete set of 6 here.

If you have any clue what these are / do, be sure to tell us in the forums.

KidRobot's Mega Man line leaked!

Based on the sales sheets, KidRobot is releasing a set of 14 keychains, a set of 14 mini figures, and two 7 inch figures of Mega Man and Proto Man. The keychains will retail for $5.99, the mini figures will retail for $9.99, and the larger figures for $39.99.

Included in the sets of 14 are:

  • Mega Man (regular, red, green, and no helmet)
  • The original robot masters
  • Roll
  • Proto Man
  • Dr. Light
  • Dr. Wily
  • Yellow Devil

Hit the jump to see the sales sheets!

More Animal Crossing: New Leaf merchandise


Up are a set of stages that connect together and a set of water globes. Order the stage collection here or the water globes here. Both sets are going to be packaged as complete and will sell for $28.90 on NCSX.

Gaming Heads busts out the God of War series


Gaming Heads is proud to present our God of War Kratos life size bust! This bust is cast from polystone resin, with all the paint and finer detailing finished by hand. The life size bust sits at a massive 28 inches tall, sitting upon a Greek inspired column. It includes deluxe, full-color packaging, a hand numbered base, and a validation card which allows you to purchase the same model number in future releases in the God of War collection.

Limited to 500 units and retails for $599.99. Luckily there isn't an exclusive version also. This is a new line, so order quick to get a low number. Don't suffer the wrath of Kratos, preorder yours here.