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First4Figures finally announces Twilight Princess Zelda


No exclusive version this time. Too bad, I was hoping for a Ganon's Puppet EX version.

What are you waiting for!? Go preorder for $349.99. Don't worry, they offer flex payments.

Yoshi's New Island 3DSXL Bundle Officially Unveiled & Another Monster Hunter 4 LE


Set to release the same day as Yoshi's New Island (March 14th). So far only confirmed in Europe.


This one is of course a Japanese exclusive, set for release on March 27th.

Super Mario World Jump & Seesaw Games

Jump, man!

Set to ship in May. You can preorder a complete set of 6 here.

If you have any clue what these are / do, be sure to tell us in the forums.

KidRobot's Mega Man line leaked!

Based on the sales sheets, KidRobot is releasing a set of 14 keychains, a set of 14 mini figures, and two 7 inch figures of Mega Man and Proto Man. The keychains will retail for $5.99, the mini figures will retail for $9.99, and the larger figures for $39.99.

Included in the sets of 14 are:

  • Mega Man (regular, red, green, and no helmet)
  • The original robot masters
  • Roll
  • Proto Man
  • Dr. Light
  • Dr. Wily
  • Yellow Devil

Hit the jump to see the sales sheets!

More Animal Crossing: New Leaf merchandise


Up are a set of stages that connect together and a set of water globes. Order the stage collection here or the water globes here. Both sets are going to be packaged as complete and will sell for $28.90 on NCSX.

Gaming Heads busts out the God of War series


Gaming Heads is proud to present our God of War Kratos life size bust! This bust is cast from polystone resin, with all the paint and finer detailing finished by hand. The life size bust sits at a massive 28 inches tall, sitting upon a Greek inspired column. It includes deluxe, full-color packaging, a hand numbered base, and a validation card which allows you to purchase the same model number in future releases in the God of War collection.

Limited to 500 units and retails for $599.99. Luckily there isn't an exclusive version also. This is a new line, so order quick to get a low number. Don't suffer the wrath of Kratos, preorder yours here.

Bandai/Bluefin tease Mario Figuarts line


Expect more info and pictures after the Nuremburg Toy Fair which runs from January 29th to February 3rd.

Thanks LUIGI171!

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First 4 Figures announces Protoman days after Megaman


It's going to be awesome, but I see a few broken statues arriving. First 4 Figures never reveals two statues in a set, but a Capcom Facebook post spilled the beans. See the post after the jump.

Hopefully Protoman is released first, seeing as he is the prototype. Yeah, I'll see myself out.

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First 4 Figures announces their Megaman line! Edit: with Protoman!

Also scheduled are Megaman X statues, but those will be a separate line like the Classic/Modern Sonic.

Hit the jump for a preview of Protoman! It's going to be awesome, but I see a few broken statues arriving.

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Target confirms Year of Luigi special edition 3DS XL

target ad

Because nothing celebrates the year of Luigi more than him trying to catch up to Mario.

Club Nintendo A Link Between Worlds poster set

While not as good as the treasure chest, these are still incredible posters. Order yours here for 500 coins.

Megaman 10 mouse pad


And the award for the most random piece of merchandise goes to...

Read more and preorder here.

Capcom's 30th anniversary brings character themed Monster Hunter Felynes

They definitely look interesting, especially the Megaman Felyne figure. Be sure to order these fast when they go up as they'll definitely be hard to find in the future.

Ichiban Kuji and Capcom have yet to announce a release date for the item, but considering they’re for their 30th anniversary, it shouldn’t take too long.

Via Siliconera

Pokemon Hanafuda Cards


Up for preorder now, will be released November 29th for 2,500 yen. An uncut, framed collector's set will also be released for 15,100 yen.

Preorder here.

Via Anime News Network.

New Japanese 3DS variants

First up is a Monster Hunter 4 3DS set for release on November 7th for 19,800 yen with a digital copy of the game. Yes, you read that right. A regular 3DS instead of a 2DS or XL. Odd choice Nintendo.

Next up is the Japanese boxart for the the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds bundle. One word: beautiful. Launches December 26th for 22,800 yen with a digital copy of the game.

Finally are an orange/black and turquoise/black duo. They launch November 28th for 19,900 yen.

A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL headed to Europe.

It releases the same day as the standalone game and comes with a download code. Here's hoping it comes to the Americas.

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Order your Tanooki Mario!


Pictured is the exclusive. Limited to 750 pieces and sells for $239.99 or get the regular for $199.99 and limited to 2,000 pieces.

The exclusive comes with the question mark block and a red scarf add-on.

Preorder the regular here or get the exclusive here.

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First 4 Figures finally announces their Mario line.


Teaser video

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Awhile back, a Dutch retailer leaked the possible existence of this and supposedly the exclusive is...

Zelda Blik Wall Decals now available

If you haven't heard about Blik, they are removable wall decals. There are 8 variations and will cost you $37 plus shipping from

Shut up and take my rupees!

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2nd batch of Animal Crossing New Leaf plushes

ac:nl 2nd wave

Found for preorder at AmiAmi. Set for release in September and includes:

Isabelle aka Shizue
Timmy / Tommy Shop Version
Timmy / Tommy Convenience Store
Fauna (?)

If anyone can name the deer, feel free to sound off in the forums.