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Auction Sites

Auction Sites

1. -
For the rarest items. You may pay an arm and a leg, and they may go cheap.
Either way, it's the best way to find the really rare stuff! My auctions can be found here.

2. Yahoo Japan Auctions -
Get stuff straight from the source! Japan! If you don't read Japanese, it will be difficult, and some sellers don't ship outside of Japan. Check out proxy services for more info on how to bid.
In any case, this guide can help you muddle through the Japanese a little bit more gracefully! YJA is the most popular auction site in Japan.

3. Game Gavel Gaming Auction Site
A well-organized auction site like ebay that focuses on our favorite hobby: Games! Recently merged with They even have a Video Game Memorabilia category!

4. Rakuten - Another oft used Japanese auction and shopping site. Very different style, and it takes some getting used to but you can find some great items here.

5. Bidders - Largest Japanese auction site, owned by MSN/Excite.

6. Mbok - Popular Japanese Auction site for mobile devices.

7. Taobao is an auction site used in China. Definite advantages as China is a major hub for distribution. Mostly direct buy items rather than auctions.