You guys know about these upcoming Undertale figures, right?

And plushes and buttons and posters and shirts and such. Oh yeah, if you haven't played Undertale, go now. Play. Are you back? Good. Now that you know who these awesome characters are, you want them, right? Well, they're COMING SOON and you can sign up to be alerted when they're available. The whole set of figures will be $70. Toriel plush will be $28. You know what? Go see the prices yourself. That Papyrus figure though. You noticed it said Series 1 like I did, right? RIGHT?!

Fangamer Untertale section

Ash Ketchum catches your wallet

Megahouse has a G.E.M. series. They've added a certain Pokemon trainer names Ash. Ash likes Pokemon. Specifically Pikachu, though Charmander is hanging onto him as well. This figure will be around $50 and will release in late May 2016.

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Ash Ketchum catches your wallet

Megahouse has a G.E.M. series. They've added a certain Pokemon trainer names Ash. Ash likes Pokemon. Specifically Pikachu, though Charmander is hanging onto him as well. This figure will be around $50 and will release in late May 2016.

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Multiverse's Street Fighter mini figures are awwwwwdorable

Miguel Illustrations likes to draw Street Fighter characters. Multiverse Studio likes to make PVC figures. Marriage! Now we have Ryu, Guile, Chun Li, and Blanka stylized mini figures!
$14 a pop over here.

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Impromptu special edition for Mega Man Legacy Collection for PS4 and Xbox One on Amazon

According to Capcom, Amazon's new listings for a special edition for the PS4 and Xbox One of Mega Man Legacy Collection is unofficial, yet it features a revised mold of the 25th anniversary LED lighted statue and a brand new E-Tank addition. Still, worth checking out.

Pre-orders - Xbox One = $129.99, PS4 TBA
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Super Mario Maker 'Builder' Mario from Taito build up hype

I was surprised that, up until this point, there hadn't been a figure produced of the garb Mario wears in the Super Mario Maker promos. A mix of Wrecking Crew and classic Mario, it needed to happen. Enter Taito, who is creating a big figure (roughly the size of the recent Gold Mario release), and will be available in prize machines in Japan starting 2/25.

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Bioworld has new Zelda necklaces and a hair bow

Got these at Hot Topic. Ocarina of Time necklace, a metal Fairy necklace, and a hair bow with the Triforce eagle insignia. Pretty sweet fabric, too.

Capcom shows some goods available at PAX South

Available for purchase at the PAX South booth:

MadCatz PS4 T.E. 2 Fight Stick - $230
The ever-popular PS4 T.E. 2 fight sticks with a stylish Chun-Li design are sure to sell out faster than you can say “kikoken,” so make sure you grab one before they’re gone!
Ryu and Ken New Challenger Statues - $100 Each
Here comes a new challenger! Pick up a Ryu or Ken figure (or both!) performing their signature moves, with stages to match.
Ryu Plush Gloves - $25
No need to ponder your fist with this pair of plush gloves. All you’ll need is a matching belt, a headband, a gi, and a never-ending quest for the answer.
Melynx Giant Pillow - $70
The iconic Melynx from Monster Hunter, embiggened. Standing at over three feet tall, you’ll never hunt alone with this plush pal around.
Street Fighter Shadaloo Watch - $175
For you, it may always be Tuesday, but you’ll never lose track of time with this expertly designed Shadaloo watch by the masters at MEISTER.
Resident Evil Umbrella Watch - $175
Sometimes you’re on a strict schedule and you just need to know when your global saturation is complete. This watch by MEISTER bearing the Umbrella logo will always let you know what time it is.

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Mario swings back into action and brings friends

Morimoto Sangyou created a set of Mario swing mascots ages ago, but has seen fit to bring the idea back for a second version. These were nice little "jiggly" figures before, and now there are so many more to choose from!

Mario, Luigi, fire versions of both, and five differently colored Yoshis!

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X-Plus Roll sparks some controversy

X-Plus has released plus-sized classic Mega Man and X, and has plans for Zero and Roll. New pics of a painted Roll have released, along with . . . another picture. Seen in the link, the "upskirt" shot is causing some controversy. I mean, what does a robot need with panties anyway?

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Volume six keychains are not the Final Fantasy

We're up to volume six of these little guys? The next not-cheap set of six rubber keychains will come out in February this year. Features the following characters:
» Yashutora
» Lightning
» Gabranth
» Zach
» Warrior of Light
» Ramza

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Super Mario 3D World mazes continue a tradition

Just about every new Mario game in the base series has received this "crystal maze" treatment from Epoch, and though they have grown smaller, the tradition is still alive. Releasing in late April, this new set of six mini-mazes will feature art from Super Mario 3D World.

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Get ready to rock with these official Mega Man headphones, man!


Styled after classic Mega Man's helmet, these slick-looking headphones feature LEDs and pretty cool box art. You can get yours now for $99.99. Unfortunately, Emio didn't list any specs so audiophiles, you might want to look elsewhere.

Emio also has Harvest Moon headphones for $25, Felicia headphones from Darkstalkers (Buy Felicia), and Mega Man thumb grips for $10. See pics of those after the jump!

A Link Between Worlds goes up for pre-order, has two versions

The much anticipated figma Link from A Link Between Worlds (go play it on 3DS, it's amazing) is finally up for pre-order. The Good Smile Company has two versions up, a version that will just contain the figure, shield, and sword, and another version with all the bells and whistles. A rupee, pot, bomb, hookshot, Ravio's bracelet, lost Maiamai, and Tornado Rod will be included with everything the regular version comes with.

Regular version - 5000yen
DX version- 6000yen

Available at the Good Smile Shop for likely the cheapest. Everyone else has to purchase from them and then get it to you plus profit. They are also the only retailer in Japan that will carry the DX version.

First 4 Figures presents Amaterasu

The beloved wolf-God Amaterasu from Okami is now a member of the First 4 Figures statue line. They're already thinking about the next in the line, suggesting Chibiterasu be next. I'd bite!

Both will come in Q3 2016.

Regular Edition - $350
Exclusive edition - $385

There are coupon codes on their Facebook page this time! First come first serve on the new line's numbers!

McDonald's in Japan to get another round of Mario toys

Looks like a couple of Marios, a Luigi, a Peach with parasol, a Toad, a Boo, a Yoshi (what is he doing?), and a BOWSER IN CLOWN CAR?! Yes, please!
The current set is Yokai Watch, and next time will be Super Mario, coming the 8th of January.

via Kikai's blog

McDonald's Japan

Funko is ready to POP! in 2016

From Funko's 8 days of Christmas:

*Warcraft movie Pop, Dorbz, Mystery Minis
*Uncharted Pop
*Dark Souls Pop
*Fallout Dorbz
*Pac Man Pop
*80s retro arcade Mystery Minis
*Resident Evil Pop
*MegaMan Pop
...and more!

Megaman POPs!?

Super fighting robot!

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Gamestop Exclusive Fox McCloud statue

$80 will get you one of 5000 statues that Gamestop will have on February 9th. BD&A is making figures again?!

Thanks Dino!

go Pre-order now!

Skylanders Amiibo appearing out of the box sets

Finally! Out now! There are also rumors that the dark editions will get the same treatment!

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